IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BERKELEY REP, Danny Hoch et al.: I recommend that you skip the blah blah here, and jump directly to …which is an updated delineation of TOSCA.

PLEASE DON’T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING ON THIS ARCHIVED SITE. EVERYTHING HERE IS QUITE DATED EXCEPT FOR THE ARTICLES THE AUTHOR RECOMMENDS DIRECTLY AS OF MARCH, 2010. With regard to this particular article, some references to March 4th and the P&L Party are no longer germane. 4/22/10 UPDATE: Third parties in CA are permanently marginalized… and present worse problems for revolutionary movement. On that count, readers can totally dismiss much of the first boldfaced paragraph below. Special note added as of late Thursday, May 13: ALL THOSE WHO ATTENDED MELISSA’S PRESENTATION AT St. Andrew’s Church SHOULD CONTACT ME ABOUT THE SPECIFIC PLANS WE HAVE FOR HELPING THE PUBLIC TO SELF-EDUCATE ABOUT EMF AND CHANGE THE HORRID MOMENTUM WE FACE. [Although it is necessary and laudable for citizens to be involved in efforts like fighting Smart Meters, etc., it is not enough. For at the arthritic pace we're going... just like our government is typically 100 years behind doing what needs to be done (as Melissa pointed out tonight)... citizens will be equally ineffective if they don't supplement what they are presently doing with a new paradigm for change. Whether or not they embrace TOSCA. Writing to representatives, getting this or that legislation passed, this or that cell tower removed is okay, but... we don't have a 100 years. Actually, we don't have ten. CALL ME, and let's talk in detail about what's not printed online, what's not been done yet, what can be done that's unprecedented, and HOW that can be accomplished. I couldn't sound bite all that tonight. I can answer your questions. Are you aware of what it will take to address the horrors Melissa touched upon? It will take more than Neighborhood Watch groups, GQ articles, Amnesty Int'l, foreign bans of Wi-Fi, books by Devra Davis et al. and obsolete (60s) forms of protest and contact to stop EM waste and the geometrically increasing challenge of EMF/RF momentum. The power and the numbers involved. Remind me to discuss Clinton's 1996 Telecommunications Act as soon as we start talking.]

With the help of those who attended the St. Andrew’s Church presentation, I may have a shot at getting George Carlo and Devra Davis (whose names were invoked by Melissa last night) on board as part of our gubernatorial coalition. [Melissa's ability to help citizens self-educate shouldn't be confined to piecemeal presentations in rooms of 45 souls. If she doesn't want to be in the spotlight, however, people like Carlo or Davis can turn the trick. Ultimately, I am asking readers to get behind the thrust of that, to help make that necessary revolution possible.] If Cindy Sage agrees to head our ticket WE CANNOT LOSE. Meaning, we’d be guaranteed a million votes (which would be double what all third parties have ever garnered combined in any given gubernatorial contest in any state in the union). Which would give us a permanent spotlight outside the electoral arena… which would enable us to help the public to self-educate in unprecedented fashion, enable us to walk them through HOW to pressure others to join in solidarity. We could rise above traditional governmental/corporate obstacles.

by Richard Martin Oxman

Taking Over the State of California
Transforming Our State of California
Tweaking Our Spirituality for the Country+


There is an EXTREME urgency to address many issues in California, nationally and internationally… simultaneously. TOSCA’s team of candidates — pledged to make a difference in this regard — may be elected on March 4th when there will be statewide protests against educational policies/actions+ in California. A later date is probable, however, since the campus-centered actions seem doomed. There is a possibility TOSCA could wind up backing the on-the-ballot Peace and Freedom candidate for Governor. … though any backing of any established third party is far from ideal. That said, any “radical” Governor of California can create a watershed in history unilaterally, creating ripples worldwide. Details upon request. International organizations and individuals residing outside of the U.S. should scroll down to TEN POINTS+.

We do NOT want to keep documenting ourselves to death, primarily being concerned with our next book, lecture, meeting etc. having a proper spotlight.

Features of TOSCA:

1. Twelve unaffiliated*, non-politician citizens to serve as Governor of California (together, on an equal basis, with the elected working figurehead Governor holding two votes).

*“If you look for political parties in the U.S. Constitution you won’t find any. Recall that the Framers disdained the very notion, warning that political parties simply invite factionalism and could create all sorts of mischief and civil strife. How prescient they were! The U.S. was governed for over 20 years before the first political parties emerged. What this suggests is that all political parties are constitutionally out of bounds and ought to be eliminated.” — Gary Brumback, referring to TOSCA’s interest in having unaffiliated citizens serving the public in his new book.

2. Gubernatorial write-in campaign to be waged without any fund raising.

3. All decision-making and negotiations during tenure to be televised for public consumption.

4. Direct 24×7 public access to members of gubernatorial team or one of their professional advisers. No generic forms of communication used. [Those "professional advisers" should be glanced at before reading on.]

5. Priorities include what has been outlined by the Peace and Freedom Party Platform ( and the Green Party. Some of our differences with those parties will have us supporting the BDS Movement daily, providing relief for the homeless immediately by use of government and volunteered facilities, re-educating medical professionals respecting the importance of environment vs. genetics in cancer, influencing the Regents of the UC system to cease subsidizing nuclear weaponry research and the torture of laboratory animals, releasing a record number of political prisoners and minor offenders upon taking office, conducting an incessant educational program designed to undermine affiliation with the U.S. military statewide, creating a version of Upton Sinclair’s EPIC program, and helping the public to apply pressure to all local politicians who resist a redistribution of wealth in the state.

6. Governor’s alternative media outlet will vigorously, repeatedly and creatively help the public to self-educate.

7. There will be ongoing discussion respecting the likelihood of electoral fraud in any gubernatorial election which might be won by a radical third party. We intend to have a plan in place which will counteract any attempt to circumvent legitimate results. In short, win or lose, we will be organized to push our program through direct action, incorporating the citizen participation necessary to make a difference.

Contact Richard at tosca.2010[at] or at 831-688-8038 in Aptos, CA. This archived site is quite dated, and anyone interested in details concerning the above should request the latest info directly. ASAP. It is essential that some new unifying idea — whether or not it’s TOSCA — be integrated with the various fragmented activities planned for March 4th throughout California. Something that will inextricably link educational issues to larger societal concerns.

Links A, B and C might help provide valuable additional perspective/angles once you glance at the numbered points below.


BELOW IS MY VERY FIRST DELINEATION, ETC. RELATED TO TOSCA. I include it here in the hope that it will be helpful in eliciting the cooperation of ALBA and other international organizations… whatever form our effort takes. “Foreign” influence/feedback is of paramount importance.

1. We are faced with many issues which demand urgent action. Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. For starters — just for hors d’oeuvres — see what the California Guv can do unilaterally/immediately (

2. U.S. citizens cannot count on federal authorities to do what’s needed expeditiously.

3. We want to act as responsible citizens legally, non-violently. Without depending on the representatives of either of the two major parties or the marginalized other parties. Win or lose (with or w/o TOSCA), we intend to build unprecedented grassroots solidarity… to build upon. For unprecedented purposes.

4. The Executive branch of the State of California provides the single greatest opportunity we have to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally… in time*. This, and all else here, can be elaborated on, upon request, but it should be underscored again that our Governor will be able to do many earthshaking things unilaterally.

*Our society does have (unacknowledged) deadlines on several fronts.

5. Even if we fail to secure the office of the Governor of California in 2010, the means by which we will try should secure an unprecedented spotlight for what we want to communicate to the public, helping citizens to self-educate like never before. Our singular, approach to recruitment will be the basis for circumventing the inevitable electoral fraud that our unaffiliated write-in candidates will encounter. We are as repulsed by politics as much as anyone. But we feel we can tweak the electoral realm to serve our purposes.

6. What we will communicate to the public is open to your feedback. We also welcome recommendations respecting WHO should serve as Governor of California together. We will have two working figurehead candidates (for Governor and Lieutenant Governor) and ten others serving de facto in tandem. Ideally, all will be non-politicians.

7. We will require NO MONEY. And we will not wage anything resembling a traditional campaign. That means, in part, that those involved with us do not necessarily have to devote any time to speak of, certainly do not have to be distracted from pet projects, primary personal focus. It also means that our efforts will not be contingent upon mainstream media support. No petitions, no phone calls, no flyers, no meetings, no marches, no arrests, etc. Again, HOW we intend to pull this off can be shared in great detail on a need to know basis… in person. General responses can be provided via email, all else being equal. The single greatest challenge for everyone will be to NOT speculate about what others will or won’t do, NOT to be locked in by precedent. Philip Larkin’s First Sight is exquisitely germane here.

8. A short list of people who have given us their imprimaturs can be found at This includes the late Howard Zinn, Henry Giroux (Canada), Jennifer Loewenstein (U.S./Gaza), Gustavo Esteva (Mexico), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Marie Trigona (Argentina), and Devinder Sharma (India). [Pause.] High profile names aside, we will be guided by grassroots participation.

9. Citizens do NOT have to reside in California to contribute on some level. In fact, people worldwide can participate in some way… putting aside peripheral differences, uniting for the first time for a single cause …moving in solidarity to benefit one and all (

10. Contact Richard at for more details, etc. See for some personal background.

Addendum: will give you a 7′ truncated clip of Marcello when he was only six-years-old on the campus of Stanford University. We were there in prep for the arrival of Nigeria’s (Nobel Laureate in Literature) Wole Soyinka. If you watch it, do view it through to the end… so that you see the scene with the Africans. Shortly after the footage was taken, we were asked to leave the campus. We had been standing on the grounds of Stanford’s Bechtel International Center speaking against Bechtel’s privatization of Bolivian water, causing a stir. The unedited version got our boy an invitation to appear on the Tonight Show… which we turned down, in part, because Jay Leno had John McCain and Bill Mahr on — on successive nights — cheer leading the bombing of Lebanon… shortly before Marcel’s scheduled slot. When we protested, and asked to be guaranteed that Marcel’s point of view/our rap not be edited… they told us, “Oh, don’t take it so personally.” Our family takes everything like that very personally… and TOSCA is all about encouraging others to do the same.

Exactly HOW can such a plan be implemented? There are many ways. One scenario is delineated at But rather than get bogged down with more blah blah early on — prior to bonding — I recommend and/or, something from music (like what I began with above)… to feel… whether or not you’re cut out for all of this. For this is not about organizing along traditional lines, recruiting numbers. It is about commitment and a sense of connection above and beyond words.