You Do Not Have to Allow This to Happen

You Do Not Have to Allow This to Happen [Unedited, First Draft]
by Oxz

“As our drones drone on our incarcerated continue to rot and be raped in prison, while too many on the outside — at the same time — die for want of preventative medicine or incompetent treatment of one kind or another.” — From the author’s diary entry on 12/25/09

“Over the horizon and deep into what was, until recently, only a silver-screen fantasy, the Air Force envisions a wide array of unmanned aircraft, from tiny insect-like robots to enormous “tanker size” pilotless planes. Each will be slated to take over specific war-making functions (or so Air Force dreamers imagine). Those nano-sized drones, for instance, are set to specialize in indoor reconnaissance — they’re small enough to fly through windows or down ventilation shafts — and carry out lethal attacks, undertake computer-disabling cyber-attacks, and swarm, as would a group of angry bees, of their own volition. Slightly larger micro-sized Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (STUAS) are supposed to act as “transformers” — altering their form to allow for flying, crawling and non-visual sensing capabilities. They might fill sentry, counter-drone, surveillance, and lethal attack roles.” — Nick Turse

Whether you’re concerned with employment, proper/affordable health care, prison reform, animal rights, conservation, education, disingenuous humanitarian relief, gay marriage, environmental toxicity, nuclear weapons research, homelessness, torture, endless war… whatever… you cannot allow the thrust of what Nick Turse is describing to stand.

Not only because support for such unnecessary militaristic insanity precludes funding for what’s dearest to your heart and well-being. But because it represents something which takes the worst abominations of the 20th century to horrific new heights.

I ask parents, educators et al. to glance at Henry Giroux’s latest statement. As things stand, we are preparing the current generation to guarantee the scenario delineated by Nick Turse.

We can begin to change that momentum — which too many people have resigned themselves to accept or not care about — by undermining our military’s agenda. By helping the public to self-educate on a level — with an approach — that’s historically unprecedented. And, thereby, put ourselves in a position to devote our heartbeats to critical matters… with proper public funding.

Henry Giroux is one of many high profile figures worldwide who have given their imprimaturs for TOSCA, our legal, non-violent effort to take over the State of California… for the purpose of changing the world’s momentum.

You can move in solidarity with us without spending any money, without spending virtually any time. For TOSCA was conceived, from the start, with concern about how stressed out and/or limited are everyone’s resources, compassion and time.

Contact Richard at tosca.2010[at] at your earliest convenience. We have a great sense of urgency about all of this. If we don’t get back to you w/i 24 hours… something’s amiss. Whatever your concerns are, please don’t look to Washington for help.