RJOY PARTY (Unedited first draft)
by O’Xman
Note: This is written without any encouragement or authorization from http://www.rjoyoakland.org/.

“Love is not only letting go of fear, in the sense that Dr. Jerry Jampolsky has advocated for years, it also begs for a letting go of fears related to forcing deep institutional changes in society.” — The author’s mentor in a recent dream.

“He’s not my president!” — Etta James

As per Henry Giroux’s http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/23727 ALL of our youth are in trouble, not just Oakland’s youth. [Pause.] We all are.

I use Oakland youth here as a point of departure for trying to create the institutional change that will benefit all youth (and serve as an asset to RJOY’s necessary work)… because I am physically near enough to their playground to appear in person, and do hands on work in solidarity.

The struggle for preeminence in fund raising among various groups trying to help the community, or the ego-centered efforts of certain parties,… whatever it is that keeps fragmentation in place — serving the powers that be, who take unconscionable advantage of the community — must be overcome. I don’t really know the reasons for the fragmentation ’cause I’m not on the ground there at present. But all the well-meaning efforts and accomplishments DO lack movement in solidarity. That I do know. And that must be addressed with or without me.

Please tell me if I am wrong when I submit that one and all would benefit by having ALL members of ALL Opposition forces to the powers that be unify on at least a single concern… on an ongoing basis.

Without such active solidarity all seems doomed. To clarify my point, permit me to cite what Richard Brinsley Sheridan (whose namesake I am) said in the early 19th-century, when struggling for Catholic emancipation in the midst of myriad groups of protesters, struggling against Mad King George III’s maddening policies vis-a-vis Ireland:

“[Our lack of unity has] threatened to subdivide the subdivisions of Op[position] till they become like atoms known to exist but too numerous to count — and too small to be felt.”

In terms of the institutional changes which Oakland youth need to transform their lives so that they are HELPED, not just helped*,… well, help is not on the way. We — if I may include myself in the struggle uninvited to date — are going to have to get creative above and beyond what’s been put together thus far. [I say that with the deepest respect for what has been achieved by so many at such great cost.]

*The work at AHC (intimately connected with RJOY), for instance, is invaluable. But it begs to be supplemented by helping the youth and their families to take over the reins, and reject the folly of expecting any new sovereign to be any better than any old one… respecting large societal issues. Personal transformation is necessary, but too limiting if embraced exclusive of major communal concerns. Please see an additional Attitudinal Healing Connection point made below in my P.S.

What will be done in Oakland, if I have anything to say about the whole shebang, should not only benefit Oakland youth immediately… but, rather, provide a glimmer of hope and much inspiration to fight fragmentation nationwide.

Let me give just one example of what I’m talking about… though I have many to share.

In Bethesda, Maryland where the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is located, and in Rochester, Minnesota where the famous Mayo Clinic is housed… they treat cancer patients… and they receive much applause from prestigious quarters whilst they pull in funding up the kazoo. Unbelievable. Why? ‘Cause Montgomery County and Olmsted County (where they are located) rank in the 90th percentile in the U.S. for carcinogens in the air. That means that whatever the medical professionals are doing with their patients in either of those places… the people with cancer are exposed to horrid conditions while undergoing reputable treatment. That’s intolerable. And it’s totally unnecessary. One just can’t rely on what’s popular, what’s become accepted even by the rich with their full coverage. With or without the imprimatur of so-called authority figures.

What’s this got to do with Oakland and the community’s youth?

Well, for most of Oakland the air’s worse than it is in either Montgomery County or Olmsted County. Much worse. Meaning, no matter how much quality education is provided for the youth, regardless of whether or not gang violence is reduced by a huge percentage, and so on… the youth are screwed. Everyone residing in that realm is. [Pause.] Royally… to hark back to the 19th-century quote above.

Look, if the residents of Oakland learn just how bad the air is, and are encouraged to do something about it as they (in solidarity) — simultaneously — address other pressing communal issues, something might change, they’d have a shot at it. Particularly if the youth of Oakland and their families formed the core of those doing research, learning, and communicating about their findings and efforts to mainstream and alternative news outlets… incessantly… with righteous anger… focused like never before. Having discovered new-found sources of support for such service to the community. (Which would be an honor for me to secure.)

I fantasize lots of youngsters being encouraged in finding out just how much of a challenge faces them. I also fantasize about how charged up they’ll get when they receive the (guaranteed) unsatisfactory answers to their environmentally-centered questions about specific neighborhoods. Learning why it’s so difficult to get figures about the health of their individual realms. Why the authorities are not the final word. Why embracing additional responsibility is not draining. Why the environmental racism is not a major topic on everyone’s lips. Why Oakland and youth itself are — collectively — just a blip on the screen of social concern with the powers that be. I SEE THE ENTIRE NATION GETTING IN GEAR TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS IN OUR SOCIETY. I see the youth in other communities emulating the proactive youth of Oakland. Call me Don Quixote.

Call me John Brown, if you like. Call yourself Harriet or Frederick or Cesar or Howard Zinn or Ida Wells, but hells bells get in the saddle to ride downtown via this River Styx, and make a difference FOLLOWING A NEW PARADIGM.

Fact is, this all is not just about racism. Or justice. It’s about survival for us all. For — as I hope you can see — although acquiring health coverage for all is essential… as things stand the quality of health care cannot be decent. Not as long as the questionable education of medical professionals permits such abominations as what goes on in Montgomery and Olmsted counties. That issue and many other issues* ignored by our mainstream media are what Oakland youth can get themselves and everyone else excited about… as they hook into doing something about it all, their survival in a world worth living in.

*Horrific high-speed police chases through the streets of Oakland over property are as insane as the unquestioning acceptance of unlimited electromagnetic (cell phone tower) pollution. And it’s time to call a spade a spade.

As I told Fania Davis recently, I’m not attached to TOSCA (our plan to “take over” the State of California as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/483), but — lacking any other suggestions about how to move in solidarity along the lines suggested above — that’s what I’m pushing at the moment.

Something like that.

What do you say?

Blessings in solidarity,
Ricardo http://oxtogrind.org/archive/378
P.S. For what it’s worth, Henry Giroux, cited above, has given his imprimatur to TOSCA… along with others listed at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/336, including the late great Howard Zinn. The Attitudinal Healing Connection states in its online Events page that it works “to eliminate violence by supporting creative and educational programs that transform the spirit and build peaceful and loving communities for all humanity.” I’m sure they’re very successful in terms of efforts and accomplishments. They should definitely be praised and supported. That said, it would take no more energy, money or anything from their present efforts… if they joined hands (moving) in solidarity with TOSCA. And I humbly submit that they are obliged to do so. Why? Because — along their present track — they are not in a position to counteract what, unquestionably, threatens to undermine all of their advances, all of their great potential. To not do something fresh designed to secure money which is currently funneled to military horrors, to not insist upon putting an end to what guarantees that returning vets will roam the streets of Oakland and elsewhere deranged (making them prime candidates for domestic abuse, homelessness and/or criminality), to not acknowledge that industry related to our war efforts is — as I write — creating increased environmental toxicity for communities throughout the country… well, these are just three issues, among many, which beg to be addressed by every community in the nation. Following a new paradigm. Currently, the AHC is open 10-5, Monday through Friday. I could double their hours… for free… and help them to push TOSCA’s agenda on a basis that would suit their purposes. As a final note, I’m obliged to point out that AHC is just one of many organizations in Oakland which could benefit from this proposal.