Enthusiasm, Intimacy and Obligation

Enthusiasm, Intimacy and Obligation
by Richard Martin Oxman

“We have an obligation to those who came before, Richard.” — The author’s mentor, George W. Weber (1961), who also taught Jack Flam very intimately.

Today, enthusiasm is not in, let alone a sense of obligation.

Regardless, we do have an obligation.

You can glance at the previous posting if you enjoy poetry, and are capable of feeling connection easily. Otherwise, just read on, if you will.

Anything by Derrick Jensen will delineate what our obligation is to the environment, other species.

Much by Ward Churchill will sketch out what our obligation is to Native Americans.

Nick Turse — just today (2/10/10) — touched upon an obligation we have toward foreigners, our own sanity and much more.

Jan D. Matthews makes it clear why we’re obliged to close schools as they stand in a gorgeous little piece titled “Toward the Destruction of Schooling.” Most of Paul Street will cover what we owe our political system. John Pilger offers similar fare for our Oscars, our entertainers, our celebrity royalty… with an atypical contribution.

http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts02102010.html provides a take on our Police State which makes clear our obligation to… fight growing momentum in that realm.

And http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/02/growing-hunger-in-america/ underscores the same in relation to hunger… whilst http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/02/slavery-in-us-prisons/ does ditto regarding slavery, prisons, etc. [Pause.] Buddy Harvey Wasserman lays out how we should react vis-a-vis rotting nuclear reactors.

But when I talk about obligationwhen George spoke of obligationthe focus was on who came before, and what those (temporarily) breathing human beings had to do to plant the seeds… which can only bear fruit through us.

Perhaps you are not limited to living a healthy life in solitude. [Not that any of us can.]

Please — if you can — bond with me on the above with (authentic, rooted) enthusiasm.

No matter what, intimacy is always in. In a healthy soul.

Blessings, Richard

In memory of a tiny bit of George: http://www.alibris.com/booksearch?qwork=4901910&matches=16&author=Webe r%2C+George+W.&browse=1&cm_sp=works*listing*title
(The spirit of his The Ornaments of Late Chou Bronzes: A Method of Analysis (coupled with so much more) is like that cone of fire at the end of that Cormac McCarthy work*, which has a father on horseback going on up ahead, with some kind of promise of light… for the darkness which seems to be enveloping everything, and a suggestion of rendezvous at some point around the bend.) *Specificity would be a spoiler of sorts.