by Brewster Proust (aka Richard Martin Oxman)
Dedicated to addressing resignation, cynicism, apathy, atomization, ecocide and other abominations. Oh yes, and Habit, the great deadener.

“If you liked Bovine Growth Hormone, You’ll Love Beta Agonists”
— Martha Rosenberg

Special note: The archived Oxtogrind site referenced below — here — is quite dated. Nothing on this site is germane to AGONS except the specific articles cited (with their links). Special note for those who attended the meeting at St. Andrew’s Church on Thursday, May 13: Ideally, you should telephone me so that I can update you on all pieces/links. Feel free to call 831-688-8038 at any hour, but do try to contact me ASAP. With the help of those who attended, I may have a shot at getting George Carlo and Devra Davis (whose names were invoked by Melissa last night) on board as part of our gubernatorial coalition. Better yet, perhaps we can secure Cindy Sage.

“An agonist is a chemical that binds to a receptor of a cell and triggers a response by the cell. An agonist often mimics the action of a naturally occurring substance. An agonist produces an action. An antagonist blocks an action of an agonist.” — Wikipedia

My background is firmly ensconced in Dramatic Art/Cinema History/Comparative Lit. I’m no scientist. In the theatrical realm an agon means conflict. From the Greek. It provides the root for both protagonist and antagonist. It’s in agony. Agons (A-GONZ).

I think it provides a good acronym for forcing institutional change in the U.S.

I was going to embrace AGONIST for an acronym (because it has an “I” in it, for institutional), but let’s go with AGONS Anti-Government Organization for New Solutions, working on several premises:

1. There is great urgency to stop our momentum on many fronts. [If you don't acknowledge this my words here will leave you cold. Please feel free to ask for definitive documentation.]

2. Politicians, in great part because they are usually self-serving careerists, cannot be relied upon to help us. In fact, in the vast majority of cases they are making matters worse.

3. Traditional third parties are permanently marginalized.

4. Organizations with non-profit status, though they may be doing great work in many instances, are intentionally restricted by virtue of the self-serving governmental parameters which prohibit activity in the electoral arena.

5. Significant segments of society are excluded from the electoral arena by design. [Details upon request.]

6. If control of an influential state like California can be secured, citizens would have a much better chance of making a difference than if they put their energy into the federal level. As per dt. And, from another angle, as per

7. If we “controlled” California’s gubernatorial office, contrary to popular opinion that a Governor can’t do anything significant unilaterally… any Governor with head, heart and soul in a healthy place could transform life in the state — sending out positive ripples nationwide and internationally — without so much as a discussion with colleagues or special interest groups. Virtually overnight. [Yes, some things will take time. Not everything.]

8. Since only 39% of eligible voters turned out last time out, it is in our interests to work on creating solidarity among the other 61%, as we ask members of all third parties to join hands with us on the upcoming gubernatorial contest, consolidating our efforts for the collective good.

9. Since — as the late Howard Zinn always said — if voting could change anything it would be illegal, our effort in the electoral arena must be supplemented with a plan for civil disobedience, applying pressure by unprecedented means. No “third party” electoral effort would be allowed to achieve victory. Mainstream forces would, if necessary, resort to electoral fraud before they would permit a radical Governor to take office. Look at to see one example of what is meant by radical. See for a list of high profile figures worldwide who would be likely to support AGONS.

10. If you help me to find ten other California citizens to run for Governor with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Derrick Jensen, we can create a watershed in history in 2010. It will be important to secure commitments from all segments of society, including — of course — so-called people of color and women. Neither Nichols nor Jensen are appropriate for serving as our working figurehead candidates for Governor or Lt. Governor. We will need two citizens of California, among our dozen in the AGONS coalition, who voters can support.

What do you say about being an AGONIST?

Blessings in solidarity,
CONTACT: or 831-688-8038 in Aptos, California We can address all your questions, etc. at your convenience. Call at any hour.
P.S. You do not have to live in California to contribute to this project. We are not asking for money. We’re interested in your priorities and your creative juices.