To Prevent the Elimination of Social Security

To Prevent the Elimination of Social Security
by Richard Martin Oxman

If you glance at Shamus Cooke’s latest article, you’ll see that there’s plenty of legit reason to be concerned about Social Security being eliminated.

Well-intentioned, well-educated, passionate, experienced Shamus recommends a (misguided) way to avoid that scenario:

“A coalition of unions, pensioners, AARP members, and other retiree organizations must unite to oppose any cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and social services. To begin, these groups could include their demands in a ‘jobs for all’ march on Washington, which many unions have been calling on the labor movement to organize.”

Misguided because it follows an old paradigm for stopping (powers that be) momentum which has either not worked, or not worked well enough for a very long time. In fact, if one and all put their primary effort into such a plan we’re all doomed. We must embrace the thrust of what Shamus suggests, but… following a new paradigm.

Rather than have our primary (or exclusive) effort be centered on inviolable D.C., I submit that we would get infinitely more mileage out of focusing on “taking over” the State of California as per TOSCA’s plan. In fact, pulling off such a project in the Golden State would just about guarantee victory. In terms of stopping the momentum.

It wouldn’t be necessary to actually secure the gubernatorial seat, though I wouldn’t rule that possibility out… even at this late date. No, the primary benefit, easily secured in short order, would be that everyone across the country supporting the California-based effort would help the entire nation to self-educate as they witnessed enraged citizens actually trying to take over the reins of power! It would inspire others in other states to do the same. It would underscore the point that citizens — justifiably so — had no more faith in D.C. being able to do their bidding, and create an atmosphere in which creative thought… producing other new means to pressure the powers that be… could be encouraged, born. [Pause.] Don’t forget, we might actually take over. And most people have no idea what a CA Guv can do unilaterally.

The essential difference between what Shamus recommends and what I am putting on the table for your consideration should be crystal clear. If it’s not, please contact me. In fact, just contact me ’cause this whole shebang needs to take off like a rocket immediately. And people all over the country can quickly help to get this in gear, this insanely promising project.

No money will be needed. And — certainly — virtually no energy… if one contrasts what would have to be put out to follow in the steps that Shamus recommends.

Habit is the great deadener, as Beckett said. Please don’t let your activist routine put you on a bus headed for D.C. For if California folds from unprecedented pressure, if only a fraction of the 61% who didn’t vote last time out get swept up in this energy Shamus cries out for… well, we’ll create a watershed in history by IGNORING the powers that be in D.C.

Use your imagination,