Fracking Cancer and More….

Fracking Cancer and More….
by Richard Martin Oxman

“Reports indicate that almost 600 different chemicals are used in fracking, including diesel fuel and the ‘BTEX’ chemicals: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes, which include known carcinogens.” — from n

“There is virtually no federal oversight of fracking, leaving the budget-strapped states to do the job with a patchwork of disparate regulations. They are no match for the major, multinational drilling and energy companies that are exploiting the political goal of ‘energy independence.’ The nonprofit news website found that, out of 31 states examined, 21 have no regulations specific to hydraulic fracturing, and none requires the companies to report the amount of the toxic fluid remaining underground.” — from n

This is one example — one of many — why CANCER RESEARCH AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF WELL-INTENTIONED WORK WITHIN THE CANCER COMMUNITY is useless. For the most part. [Pause.] Because the environmental causes of cancer are virtually ignored in the context of the — almost total — focus on the genetic bases for the disease.

You can go through all the genetic-based screening available, and still be a prime candidate for coming down with cancer because of fracking, electromagnetic pollution or any of a great number of other (virtually) unacknowledged common causes for cancer. In fact, as things stand we are all pretty much slated to get cancer, the good work centered on genetic concerns notwithstanding.

Much too much fund raising, research, movement in solidarity (with marches, etc.) ignores the degree to which cancer is a function of our lifestyle, a function of unregulated commercial and military abominations (courtesy of entities like Halliburton which serve both realms). The U.S. military, by the way, is arguably the greatest single polluter on earth. It is not protecting us. Under the umbrella of being a force to fight external threats, it leaves a toxic trail all across our domestic front (and many international vacation destinations!)… guaranteeing that cancer remains a growing horror for us all. [I have definitive documentation for all of this, if you will take the time to consider it.]

One of the main problems I have had in trying to organize citizens to oppose military-based abominations can be found in Jane Roefels’ I’d like readers to contact me with their response to that. But leaving the military out of the equation for the moment, perhaps readers will want to move in solidarity with regard to cell towers, fracking, our food chain, and/or some other cancer causing element in our daily lives.

We really do need to create something which is at least the size of of The American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and much more.

What else do you have to do? Go to work? Survive?

Richard Martin Oxman can be reached at or 831-688-8038 in Aptos, CA.
P.S. I like lots about the Breast Cancer Action people, but their focus is too limited… and… there are other concerns that I can share with you upon request. The many non-profits et al. focused on environmental causes of cancer suffer from the same thing. They are going about making a difference following paradigms that are obsolete. A fresh approach is needed for dealing with the powers that be who cause cancer for you and me… and themselves.