Gimme Jimmy!

Gimme Jimmy!
Dedicated to those with imagination and a certain rhythm
by Oxz

“The floods is threat’ning
My very life today
Gimme, gimme comedy… and more
Or I’m gonna fade away”
— Lyrics from a Stones’ song, slightly tweaking Mick’s words to fit our sit(uation)

Someone’s gonna make a lotta money selling “Gimme Jimmy!” t-shirts as Jimmy Kimmel Live! ratings and market share zoom this Spring… unless there’s a lack of imagination at ABC.

And Jimmy Kimmel’s run for the Sacred Seat in Sacramento (the gubernatorial office) — with Cleto, Cousin Sal and the whole kit and kaboodle by his side — will make history, creating unprecedented fun… unpredictable ripples that will wave ’round the world.

I want to have some fun. And this shit is as sure a hit as Altamont.


If you’re of thinking Gary Coleman or Stephen Tyrone Colbert runs at this juncture… well, that’s what I mean by lack of imagination.

Just take a gander at my background, and you’ll get a whiff of what I’m about here. [Like the thrust of Let It Bleed's dark underbelly.]

BUT if you think that the people who get behind this have to have their politics aligned, merely roll back and glance at every Kimmel-related piece I’ve posted on this site (one a day for over a week now)… until you get to “Send In the Clowns or Send Up the Clowns.” Or, if you’re short on heartbeats, just jump to the juncture where I provide “Pacquiao Paradigm.I CAN’T STAND POLTICS AS IT STANDS. Or old activist paradigms.

I am all about creating a watershed in history
. And if others make money selling t-shirts or boost their careers in the process (of our tweaking the electoral arena)… well, I don’t think that any of us can afford to care very much about that sort of thing. No, no, no. Deadlines loom. God bless everyone in their little corners.

For me, I just can’t wait to take my first step at the Mandatory Monday Night Square Dance for Government Employees, which I’m sure Jimmy will set up upon taking office. [Oh, sweet Cleto and the Cletones!]

Yes, a vibrant imagination is required to participate. That, or at least a certain rhythm.

Blessings in Hedberg Hysteria,
The Ox
tosca.2010[at] or 831-688-8038
P.S. Hey, I’m open. Maybe we can do this without Jimmy… but I don’t think so.