Mario and My Dreams and the DMCA

Note: This archived site is quite out of date. Only the articles recommended should be reviewed. People from Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC quarter might want to glance at Cleto and the Cletones should look at the tongue-in-cheek first. This piece is written exclusively for the Pax Stereo group.

Mario and My Dreams and the DMCA (First Draft, unedited)
by Oxz

“You can’t do nothing going through the front door with a clothes line waving intensity and morality in the wind, Richard. You gotta go through the back door with a punch line… where there’s a cool breeze.”
— Mitch Hedberg lecturing the author, 2004.

Like Mitch Hedberg (upcoming death date 3/29), I’m fucking sick of following my dreams…. I’m just gonna find out where they’re going and hook up with them later. First, a little fundamental biz is called for, addressing basics in solidarity.

Seems to me like Comedy and Sex is the answer to the Violence that the powers-that-be employ as they insist upon controlling the public… to suit their own purposes. An answer in terms of a rallying point. [To be discussed.]

My new friend (I hope!), Mario, is the CEO of Pax Stereo. Hot stuff he has there. As hot as what I have to offer. I mean, if Mario’s sincere about the Pax part… Peace… well, I definitely have something singular to put on the table for his kind consideration. [Pause.] I’m excited ’cause I’m sure that he is about what he says he’s about.

Problem is, as we all know, you can’t have much Peace without a lot of Justice. And that scene is getting incrementally worse by the day.. all across the board. [Documentation upon request, of course, if your own eyes and ears aren't working.]

Let’s take one point concerning injustice which is particularly dear to Mario’s heart. To wit, the DMCA horror being imposed from above. Well, that’s a no-brainer. We can deal with that. We can eliminate that by a clever use of Comedy and Sex.* Definitively. For good.

*To be elaborated on upon request. Or, better yet, in person… soon… in L.A. In confidence, to honor (and make good use of) that great element of war which works ‘cross the board… surprise.

The problem is, though, that the DMCA dynamic is just one of a ton of abominations which need to be addressed simultaneously. Abominations that are organically connected to the Peace & Justice biz.

Let’s take what Jeffrey St. Clair addresses briefly in the very first paragraph of Yeah, that’s a good one for our purposes here. I just finished watching Mario interview some Grammy award winner guy in L.A. on his Pax Stereo site, and the sky in back of them both was… well, clearly like what St. Clair delineates, unclear and unhealthy to the extreme.

That’ll be a litmus test in my relationship with Mario. His response to what he’s breathing.

I trust that he’ll want to improve matters on that count. But one never knows. I’ve come across plenty of well-intentioned, well-educated, experienced souls who have succumbed to habit, habit the great deadener, as per Beckett through one of his characters in Waiting for Godot. Underscored there, and elsewhere on a number of occasions, ’cause it was a fundamental observation which ran through much of his writing and life experience.

But my money’s on CEO Mario. I believe he’s gonna come through.

I do believe that he and Victor and Dani, and their colleagues at Pax Stereo, are going to put the DMCA dilemma to bed with a lot of other unclean acts which envelop us these challenging days. With me.

Then… our dreams. Then we catch up with our lovely dreams.

The Black Ox (aka The Very Black Ox, O’Xman)

“Where there is a great art there is always Heaven.” — Surrendra Shrestha, Nepal, speaking of attaining peace through music… but reminding me of the role comedy and sex can play too.