The Black and Brown Moonbow Party

Note: This archived site is quite out of date. Only the articles recommended should be reviewed. People from Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC quarter might want to glance at Cleto and the Cletones should look at the tongue-in-cheek first. This piece is written primarily for people who are suffering daily (or who deeply care about those who are suffering daily).

The Black and Brown Moonbow Party (First Draft, unedited)
by Oxz [with, unbeknownst to them) Danny D. and McCrum]

“I just discovered that the Health Outreach Program for The Black Barbershops site spotlights WebMD as a highly recommended source of information. The BB people do great work regarding diabetes and prostate cancer in the Black community, but — apparently — it wouldn’t hurt them to engage me in a little dialogue respecting Martha Rosenberg’s recent revelations. To say the least. I wonder why they totally ignore my missives.” — the author banging his head against the wall

“Why are the medical professionals at Black Barbershops recommending that people eat ordinary chicken and mercury-contaminated tuna? And why is there no mention of the importance of organic food for cancer prevention?” — The author’s ten-year-old son

Just as there are rainbows reigning in the day, there are moonbows mooring, at times, during the night. Translation: Just as there are rainbows during the day, there can be moonbows at night.

Don’t read this is if you have no imagination whatsoever. Don’t read this is if you are incapable of compassion. Don’t read this shining piece of love, if all you hold high comes in the form of blood diamonds and ejaculations. DO READ THIS IF YOU ARE VERY PISSED OFF AND/OR SUFFERING TOO MUCH. Do continue here if you’ve given up on the solutions which well-meaning souls have come up with to date. Do read on if you believe “God helps those who help themselves.” [Whether or not you believe in God.] And/or if you are willing to DO something fresh in the name of forcing change out of this racist, greedy society, with its extremely slanted playing field. This society that is the greatest purveyor of violence on earth (as per MLK’s last lecture days), the single greatest polluter/waste-maker on the planet.

I don’t like to curse when I write for public consumption, but here goes.

I’m not fucking dumb. Rather, I’m very fucking smart. But unlike many other smart asses, I do give a shit — a huge bit — about the suffering of others. Especially unnecessary suffering.

It struck me as seriously fucked up this morning, as I was doing my every-other-day 20 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood. What? That people who form organizations designed to push radical change always gravitate toward the mainstream media, begging to get coverage. [Pause.] On one level that seems to make sense. But upon further consideration, it does not at all.

Picture yourself doing so. Imagine picking up a megaphone and announcing to corporate-centered media, “Hey, look over here! I’m forming a group that’s designed to undermine what you’re all about! Over here!” That’s very fucked up, isn’t it? I mean it’s really fucked up if you’re hip to the chopping block that’s built into mainstream media, the deadly platform on which reporters, editors and the like make sure (IF THEY’RE GOING TO KEEP THEIR JOBS!) that you and your colleagues die an early death, that whatever momentum you might build up gets cut short.

And yet that’s the modus operandi for virtually all new socially-conscious groups, all environmentally-conscious groups. Their M.O. also, invariably, includes a great focus on fund raising. Another killer these days. Another element in organization which prevents deep progress vis-a-vis one’s compassionate priorities. [To be elaborated on, upon request, of course.]

The Black and Brown Moonbow Party is a whole different ball of wax.

A moonbow is the nocturnal equivalent of a rainbow. So… although I’m primarily speaking to black and brown people here in this initial stage of organizing, the whole shebang is, ultimately, open to one and all.

It’s truly fucking amazing how many people of color refuse to engage me in dialogue. It might be — in some cases — that I myself put up a wall between us by using my disgust with Obama* as a point of departure for all talk. But I don’t think so. That certainly can’t account for ALL the rejections or the total indifference I’ve encountered on many occasions.

*The scorecard is in on him and his colleagues — having nothing whatsoever to do with right, left or center political agendas — as per Paul Street’s documentation (for starters). It’s a George W. Obama problem. [See me for definitive delineation.]

Rather, I think that resignation, cynicism, apathy, and atomization kick in more often than not. It’s a shame. For it’s really a no-brainer to incorporate a given organization’s/company’s priorities — generally speaking — into the TOSCA agenda. Ditto for the survival needs, personal prosperity of a given citizen who might be willing to move in solidarity with TOSCA. It seems as if some discussion is in order if I’m telling people that I want to do something together on a basis that’ll serve their purposes.

Beautiful things can happen under a Moonbow. But I believe it’s going to have to be initiated by black and brown people. Those people of color who can think outside the box and who aren’t boxed in by selfishness, fear, overwhelming survival issues and/or obsolete habits.

Loving regards in solidarity,

“We’re not about getting fabulously wealthy, and lording it over people. No, rather, we’re into having companies like, say, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods not throw out all that food routinely. Making better use of all that enormous amount of square footage that goes unused on campuses… so close to where homeless people sleep in the cold. Into helping citizens to self-educate about tons of things, not having to worry ’bout decent health care coverage, not that deficient Medicare variety… or none at all. We’re about — overnight — providing good enough jobs right in one’s neighborhood so that our youth don’t have to go overseas to kill to make a buck. So that not quite so many feel the need to join a self-destructive gang. We’re about freeing political prisoners, and acknowledging the racial imbalance in all sorts of realms. If a good person were Governor — for the first time in California’s history — these sorts of things could be accomplished unilaterally… without so much as a discussion with gangster politicians.” — the author NOT banging his head against the wall, focusing NOT on what the world is, but, rather, what we’ve made it, trusting the reader will see the glow in the Moonbow, the flow that’s possible.