Life’s Longing for Itself!: I Say Tomato, You Say Potato

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Life’s Longing for Itself!: I Say Tomato, You Say Potato
Dedicated to permitting our children to grow as they feel fit, leaving other people’s children alone, and being responsible enough to say “tomato” when our little ones say “potato,” letting them be a potato if they don’t want to be a tomato….
by Oxz

Nickel head Ted Turner owns land
Equal to Delaware and
Rhode Island.
How can they say size doesn’t matter, when such a smattering
Gives us all such a battering
In this finite world?
Yes, he made space for the bison
But he burgers them out for my son
Buggering yours
Shorting Life
All over again

Child pornography, abortion and deja vu.

Sure, those involved in child pornography should be caught, and made to suffer the legal consequences (along with a bit of therapy). No-brainer.

Abortion, well… here you’ve got heated debate. But, for the sake of moving on (leaving much aside), let’s say that LIFE begins with conception. For conversation’s sake. That being the case, we’re talkin’ abortion = murder. A whole different ball of wax than pictures of buggering.

There’s a whole lot of fuss — understandably — made out of the child pornography busts, but little about the buggering alluded to above… in the Ted Turner poem. Which refers to the screwing of all children, not just one kid. As in the bombed out babies in the video by Doner. War’s so often a cover for coveted land and underhanded game plans. Skewering humanity, always.

Those who can rationalize the napalming of so-called gooks or so-called towel heads need not read on. Others, I’d say, must read on and get with me.


No more mamas crying, please.


When I read the lines from Gibran

“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

it strikes me that that’s where the presumption starts. The misguided, terribly destructive idea that parents have the obligation/right to treat their children as if they are their children. From there it’s a small leap… nay, a tiny step into the realm where one can tweak, mangle and mutilate the souls of their offspring. “Hurry up with cleaning your room, we’ve got to get to soccer practice!” [Or any of the infinite # of "first cousins" of that dynamic.] Tell me again, if you will, why it’s okay to yell at children. Maybe I’ll get it.

Once parents go down that slippery slope of traditional parenthood, their kids are goners. They can too easily be made immiserated souls. They can effortlessly be encouraged to go off to war when they meet up with another authoritarian figure, especially if mom and/or pop are prone to singing America the Beautiful in the shower. Bowers begone!

And then, I don’t have to tell you how easy it is to tolerate your kids killing other kids. The combo of politicians, media and guarantees it… just in case you’re not fully with The Program.

Neither the so-called Taliban or Al-Queda are the threat they’ve been portrayed as being by beings making money and more off our wars. No more true than claiming the U.S. is about authentic democracy at home or abroad. [Definitive documentation upon request.]


I can’t take it no more.
You can’t take it no more.
And you will help me to end all abominations against children
For we are all Life’s longing for itself.

Babies are born abroad with two heads because of our widely distributed, horrific depleted uranium. And our “babies” come home permanently damaged by that horror too. Slouching beasts goosestepping obliquely toward their own kin, souls akimbo.

Anything that’s not aligned with Life’s longing for itself we can kiss goodbye.

For the vast majority of people on this earth that would include child pornography. For a great many people that clearly embraces abortion. But for ALL citizens of the world it must include war.

And any definition of human nature which rationalizes war, unquestionably is not acknowledging Life’s longing for itself. [Pause.] Listen. [Pause.] Hear One Love’s children crying.

Contact the author at (who can explain how NAFTA and CAFTA and the like are wars against children too). I Say Tomato, You Say Potato: e-between-a-tomato-and-a-potato.html . There are lots of ways to send them off. Don’t do any of them, please. Please get with me. There’s time. It’s called your heartbeats. [Pause.] Not much (time), for as we go through the day… our hearts and shoes (or feet) wear out… leaving a trail of death. I say Life’s Longing for Itself! What do you say?

[Mmm... maybe saying solidarity to someone who's only known atomization is like saying tomato to someone who's only known processed tomato sauce.]


At u-say-tomato-i-say-potato/ (where they printed an earlier version of this article) I responded to the first comment posted immediately. See directly below for the boldfaced questions and response.

You touched on a number of scenarios but I am still not reading about any clearly stated issue/s. I am not clear which version of traditional parenthood you are identifying. I think that I agree with your statement that “anything that’s not aligned with Life’s longing for itself” although I would have stated it a little differently.

What am I missing? What is your specific message?

Thanks for commenting, Maien.

The main thrust of the piece is centered on the fact that just about all upbringing in our culture assumes it’s appropriate for parents to be “the boss.” I know that that particular statement is a bit vague, but if you glance at the article again, I believe it will be clear enough… for starters. The vast majority of people I’ve come across in my four decades in education, to say nothing about personal experience outside of academia, take for granted that giving children direction demands drawing hard and fast lines, overseeing activity way beyond what’s necessary, etc. For instance, yesterday at an 8-year-old’s birthday party, my partner told a visiting parent that we home school our little one. She elaborated and said that he was into companion planting in our garden… without much supervision. To that the other parent responded, what about math? What about science? As if math and science could not be involved in gardening. But, more telling, there was that suggestion lingering in the air that the child needed supervision, guidance, that control had to be imposed. That more direction was called for. I could go on, of course, but the point is that children who are allowed to follow their passion do not require such parameters. In short, there’s too little respect for that fact that children can make their way in this world as long as parents provide “protection” in the formative years WITHOUT DIRECTION which assumes the child’s own sense of direction is lacking.

That attitudinal set which works on the premise that a child’s sense of direction is not adequate, for the most part, is characteristic of “traditional” parenting… in whatever form it takes. Just about all school settings provide a child with an environment in which it’s assumed that the teacher knows better than the child… what path should be followed, what timetable, etc.

Does that answer your questions? If not, I’ll be happy to write more for you here. Or you can contact me directly at tosca.2010[at]

By the way, HOW would you have stated IT differently? Also, please note that the “specific message” has a lot to do with the fact that children would not go off to war, and parents would not send their offspring off to be killed if it weren’t for traditional schooling and parenting which demands much too much (unnecessary) respect for authority figures. That’s central to my message. And, I might add, choice on career in, say, destructive corporations is also a function of such upbringing.

Lots of love,

THEN, I also added:

Oh yes, the piece is also very much about the message that action is begged for, to address this dominant cultural horror. Something can be done to help people to self-educate about what they’re doing to their kids along these lines. Just as Jamie Oliver is doing something by high profiling that there are huge numbers of children who don’t know what a tomato is, who are so desensitized, removed from nature, that their point of departure for just about everything is what’s unnatural… like processed food. Something can be done about all this, and my article is very much about encouraging people to move in solidarity with me… or without me. Best, Ox