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Dedicated to something beyond wishing the world was better, and dedicated to eliminating the likes of all our Auschwitz activity. Dedicated to the spirit of Dedicated to our collective souls enjoying this Heaven on earth now.
by Oxz

“Only 39% of the electorate came out in the last California gubernatorial contest. Anyone with a little rhythm should be able to drum up enough new faces to make the next race tough.” — Author’s neighbor (who has a lot of rhythm himself)

You don’t want California’s Lawrence Livermore Labs to blow up, what with the biological and chemical components housed there. You don’t want some militia group in Michigan to pick off law enforcement officials or immigrants. You don’t want more fish from the Gulf to be placed on the “Can’t Eat” list. You don’t want the various cancer epidemics* which plague us all to continue raging. You absolutely do not want surgeons operating on you primarily for money. Or more FDA bull. Yes, I’m speaking presumptuously for you.

*Both literal and figurative.

Those cards and letters and phone calls and petitions and marches are being directed to the wrong place. And those who have embraced resignation, apathy, or cynicism and/or have succumbed to atomization and/or high tech toys are a disgrace. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE FOR BOTH GROUPS.

John Fogerty has a following. So does Green Day. So does Tom Waits. Ditto for Rage Against the Machine. Same for the people working for Peace at Playing for Change. Danny Glover certainly has his fans. And Sean Penn can boast the same. I could go on like this for quite some time, of course, listing the names of high profile individuals who fall within the very general category of left-of-center celebrity activists (or like-minded citizens, not actively speaking out). They disagree on a number of issues, for sure, but — with each passing day — they move potentially into the same realm. That is, under the umbrella of acknowledging that SOMETHING must be done ASAP. Something fresh. Their grassroots patrons can contribute as much as any headliner, and they have their own personal bonds, connections too. [I'll return to this train of thought momentarily.]

One absolutely cannot look to what I call George W. Obama (not my creation, btw) or any career politicians to embrace a fresh approach to addressing our mutual problems. All reforms on ALL pressing issues are moving at an arthritic snail’s pace. WE HAVE DEADLINES NOT BEING ACKNOWLEDGED.

In and around California — whether it’s the imminent horror building at Lawrence Livermore Labs, the astounding, rapid growth in the numbers of homeless and undernourished, the abominable increase in ocean, air and groundwater toxicity, the military or gang recruitment of the immiserated youth, or any number of other matters that demand urgent attention — we are approaching the point of no return. And the phenomena plaguing us have serious counterparts throughout the country, in each and every state.

That’s why I am begging readers — wherever they may officially reside — to move in support of our plan to “take over” the State of California (TOSCA) as per ornia.html. Absolutely, we must take over the reins.

If we do so in California, we will be able to implement “solutions” on many fronts UNILATERALLY, without so much as a discussion with gangster polticians. The powers that be in California have convinced citizens that to get anything done there must be an amendment voted on… so that the state changes the way in which it goes about passing legislation. So that something can get done. That’s totally untrue. Any governor with heart, head and soul in a healthy place can UNILATERALLY get our URGENCY BALL rolling, creating historic ripples not only in the Golden State, but nationwide. We’ve never had such a person in office. Hence the incessant wrangling, subterfuge and endless mendacity. [Feel free to request details, documentation. Don't allow ignorance to dictate inaction. Don't allow misconceptions to serve an excuse.]


One person in each state would do the trick. I’ve already got about two people in each state as per the list at (and others not entered yet). But those are high profile people, for the most part, who are willing to give their imprimaturs, but are not into taking action in solidarity. Ditto for the low profile souls who have their various reasons for just remaining names on a list. Bless them. Bless each and every one. [The late great Howard Zinn was one of them.] For they have opened doors for me, and given me inspiration. NOW, HOWEVER, I NEED TO TAKE THAT ENERGY AND WALK THROUGH SOME DOORS. ["Involvement" can range from a mere ten minutes worth of heartbeats over the next six months to a 24x8 commitment in blood.]

Fifty people. Not disciples. Individual citizens who are interested in contributing equally to the formation of an attack of sorts. On the powers that be. Willing and able to either tweak TOSCA to suit their purposes, so that they remain engaged with me in solidarity for the next six months or so. Or… substitute something else which follows a new paradigm for change.

How would the FIFTY change the world?

I’m tired of words. I’ve had it with answering that question for souls only intent on clutching onto their worn out excuses for doing nothing REGARDLESS OF WHAT’S SAID.

If you are interested in the above, perhaps you’ll be kind enough to contact me at tosca.2010[at], OR telephone me at 831-688-8038 in Aptos, California (at any hour).

THEN I can answer all of your questions, and process all of your creative input. THEN we can proceed in solidarity honoring that time-honored principle in war, the element of surprise.

And speaking of surprise, when I die, I want to surprise my youngest ( by leaving him a world worth living in. He’s only ten-years-old, but — unlike many well-educated, well-intentioned, highly experienced activists — he has a sense of our sad passing of deadlines daily. Revolution — legal and nonviolent — in California (in time), transforming what envelops us, would truly surprise him.

THEN I can die in peace.

Your Oxz
(Richard Martin Oxman, Ricardo Bueyhmobre)
in the Vienna Woods of Aptos, California
P.S. Perhaps you’d like to be an honored guest at our digs to tweak all this.