The Beauty of Marcy: The Poetry that Brown and Whitman Lack

Note: This is an archived site, quite dated. Please only read what is recommended to you personally. Each article and section was written for a specific audience for a particular purpose. This piece is for the devoted souls who have given so many beautiful heartbeats on behalf of Marcy’s candidacy. To confirm that — at the very least — Marcy will secure the 36th Congressional seat in November, no matter what happens on Tuesday, June 8th… if that’s what she wants. [Pause.] With no sacrifices.

The Beauty of Marcy: The Poetry that Brown and Whitman Lack
In the spirit of what Edna St. Vincent Millay encouraged up at Steepletop in 1950….
by Richard Martin Oxman

We have deadlines. I am not coming from the point of view of mere political preference. I am addressing life and death matters here, what Jerry and Meg will NOT address anywhere… ever, in the least. What’s below is hardly even the tip of our iceberg beast.

If Marcy Winograd loses her contest with the abominable Jane Harman, I want her to be the next Governor of California. Or… I want her to help me put together a gubernatorial coalition as per I don’t view her as a typical career politician. I see her as a gorgeous spirit who deserves to be given the reins of our state; we deserve to have her hold them. She’s been an English teacher… and something tells me that she’d be able to appreciate “Walking with the Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop of the Heart Party.” That the poetry of what’s proper could be resuscitated with her at the helm.

Some of what’s wrong, what can be addressed with Marcy at the top of her game (perhaps only by her):

1. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 makes it illegal for citizens to litigate against the construction of cell towers over health issues!* Anyone who thinks we don’t, collectively, have a problem with being subjected to severe radiation — whether or not we personally use cell phones — can request documentation from me. [Imagine objecting to "the authorities" putting up election results for which you had sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation re fraud, and you weren't permitted to follow up with litigation. Well, that'd be an affront to the health of democracy, yes? Here we're talking about personal health.] Whether or not Wi-Fi dangers are addressed, whether or not other forms of High Tech radiation are even discussed… we must not allow the thrust of the 1996 legislation to stand. We must be able to look after our own health! Why, the FCC — which has established (highly deficient) health parameters for cell towers — isn’t even a health agency!

*Anyone who doesn’t want to venture down this Revolutionary Radiation/Rights Road can substitute the Tax Reform of 1997 as a focus. It greatly affects (probably) everyone who’s reading this, their income. And it (along with much other tax “reform”) can be easily fixed. [Details, as with all else here, upon request.]

2. What’s happened to Capitola Beach and nearby Santa Cruz County beaches with ongoing toxicity (becoming commonplace) in the waters is spreading. Jaws Syndrome, whereby business interests in a given community preclude calling a spade a spade, must be undermined. We don’t need to have oil drilling catastrophes off the shores of California to decimate our beaches and wildlife.

3. Babies born in L.A. are subjected to more carcinogenic toxicity than what the EPA — a very conservative agency — allows for an adult in a lifetimeIN ONLY FOURTEEN DAYS! The data for San Francisco and San Jose are almost as bad. Those areas rank in the 90th percentile nationwide for carcinogens in the air. The bottom line abomination, however, is that it’s so very difficult for the average citizen to find out how her/his neighborhood ranks. With a bit of effort a relatively well-educated soul can gain access to (dated) statistics for a given county. Which may mean zero when it comes to where one actually lives, works and plays. Why? This must change. And people must be helped to understand how such a horrible status quo could have been created and tolerated for so long. Even around the Mayo Clinic and the National Institutes of Health.

4. Standards for organic food are slated to become so watered down that the label “organic” won’t mean much before long. Big Ag with Big Pharma must be… well, you know. Or do you? Marcy could help the public to self-educate about these crucial matters in unprecedented fashion. In my vision, I see her — crystal clear as flawless chrysolite — speaking out vigorously, repeatedly and creatively on her own media outlet stirring up citizens to put pressure on gangster politicians like never before, from fresh angles, encouraging direct action which follows new paradigms. It would be standard fare for her, and she would set a new standard for one and all. [Including people like the citizens of West Oakland who have one supermarket per 30,000 inhabitants, and virtually no easy access to organics.]

5. Nuclear research connected with the UC system is increasing. Don’t get me started on what’s going on at Lawrence Livermore Labs, but I’ll be glad to share the horror with you, upon request.

6. Torture of animals in UC labs and elsewhere is increasing. Ditto the above.

7. Construction of dams is continuing whilst fish species are disappearing.

8. Law enforcement and criminal activity is becoming increasingly violent. Great God Almighty! What would it take to fill people in on how disingenuous (and unnecessarily destructive) our so-called War on Drugs is? Not much. Ditto respecting the immediate release of many incarcerated citizens… who should not ever have been taken out of society.

9. The number of severely traumatized vets returning home is increasing, increasing domestic abuse, drug addiction and violence in general. [With no help on the horizon.]

10. Our finances are increasingly subsidizing the militarization of our society, our wars, corporate control of our lives, etc. We can make an historic dent in that holocaustic, sick circus (torture) tent of counterproductive U.S. State Terror. No, Californians do NOT have to wait on gangster politicians coming around to do the right thing on the federal level. Ops for healthy, rewarding employment demand that they do not.

11. Instability in society is increasing as immigration reform is not addressed adequately, that problem and others being exacerbated by continuation of NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. So many FEDERAL matters can be (need to be) addressed by a Governor of California with head, heart and soul in a healthy place. People have no idea what a Guv can do unilaterally.

12. HEALTH CARE? Wait and see what happens when OUR GOVERNOR delineates what’s really happening in that realm… and spells out how citizens can go about forcing needed changes. Some of our most prestigious centers for cancer treatment — such as Stanford University — embrace unconscionable policies, their positive sides notwithstanding. Single-payer should be part of our lives, but… it’s only the beginning of addressing our overall health-related needs.

Baker’s dozen #13: The Arts. Ooooh. Funny how people assume that music, theatre, dance, and the fine arts could NEVER be at the core of our school curriculum. Such changes must begin in what’s called cloudland, the realm of the poetic imagination. A lot of good would follow from moving the thrills of our lives from the periphery.

HOW Marcy could be put in the driver’s seat is easily delineated. But, first, readers should get together with me on WHY there’s a need at all to take a radical road toward improving our lives. Let’s have a rendezvous devoted to deep dialogue about what demands immediate attention/change above and beyond what’s described above here. At our lovely digs in the Vienna Woods of Aptos?

I’m obliged to tell you, all pre-conceived notions aside, I’m not into approaching the whole shebang along traditional lines, following anything you’re used to. See my Ecstatic Politics and A New Way to Roll 2010 to get a taste. A tiny taste of the thrust of what we must embrace to crack the resignation, apathy, cynicism, ignorance and atomization, our true challenges (along with George W. Obama Syndrome).

One can no longer rally the 61% of California electorate which didn’t show up at the last gubernatorial contest (our true core constituency) with moral indignation, or even with enlightened self-interest. Another approach must be used. The good news is there IS another way.

Contact The Ox at or Arnold Pepper at The author is dying to see what will happen once Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Marcy and like-minded souls get together to discuss how Don Quixote can live once again. One Love. [The Ox is NOT attached to TOSCA. What's your plan?]

1PM, June 5th concluding note: Just found out from Marcy’s Robbie that only 29% of the electorate in their district showed up last time out. With figures anywhere near close to that, I could promise that we could get her the 36th Congressional District seat as an Independent write-in candidate in November… if she loses to stained, strained Jane in the June primary… and doesn’t want to run for Governor. W/o spending hardly any $$$. [Pause.] The thing is, though, our deadlines really behoove us to shoot for the moon.

Do not read these personal notes:

“If a bank is too big to fail, it’s way too big to exist. If an oil well is too far beneath the sea to be plugged when something goes wrong, it’s too deep to be drilled in the first place.”
— Bob Herbert, The New York Times

To the above (bouncing off of the Telecommunications talk in #1 above), I would add “If a cell tower is so necessary that it must be constructed regardless of its impact on human health, we need a revolution (at least in our way of thinking, if not in other ways.).”