Promise and Stanley K. Sheinbaum

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Promise and Stanley K. Sheinbaum
Dedicated to Andrei Voznesensky
by Richard Martin Oxman

“The soul can split the sky in two,
And let the face of God shine through.”
— Edna St. Vincent Millay, from Renascence

“We need to revisit our economic agenda… and say we can no longer sustain, nor do we want to sustain, this permanent war economy.” — Soulful Marcy Winograd

I made a promise to Howard Zinn in 2009. It was just about sixty years from the time mean-spirited stones thrown at Paul Robeson almost hit me in Peekskill. I snatched up one of those very dark stones, made an alter for it at home and took it with me whenever I was out and about; my mom even gave it a name, a very special name. [Pause.] I lost it in ‘50, but something truly light and lustful had rubbed off, penetrating my sensitive skin, pouring into a promise over decades.

The vow was born from the most decent part of me, but with a commitment as “blank and pitiless as the sun,” without the slightest doubt that I would one day make good on the whole shebang., the darkmotherscream spirit of it. Well, having just read d/, I now know what form my commitment will take.

Look at the email I just sent Mr. Stanley K. Sheinbaum, author of the artiicle above:

Dearest Mr. Sheinbaum:

I trust all is well. Thanks for all of your efforts and accomplishments over the years.

As per your d/, I want you to know that whether or not Marcy Winograd defeats Jane Harman in the June primary, she will secure the 36th Congressional District seat in November… or do even better. See “The Beauty of Marcy: The Poetry that Brown and Whitman Lack” ( for elaboration on this point.

This I promise you.

Blessings in deep solidarity,

Sheinbaum, concluding his testimonial for Marcy in truthdig:

“A victory for Winograd will reverberate across the nation.”

Yes, indeed. And beyond.

Beyond the grave.

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Special note: Andrei Voznesensky, who wrote the poem Darkmotherscream, just died on June 1st. I look forward to celebrating his legacy with you.