Using Rochelle Becker as a Point of Departure….


Using Rochelle Becker as a Point of Departure….
Dedicated to the notion that timing is important even in realms which are no laughing matter
by Richard Martin Oxman

“I’m not big on politicians, to say the least. Appealing to them on the basis of moral indignation, or even matters of survival. For a number of reasons, as things stand, if voting could change anything it would be illegal. As things stand, the third parties are permanently marginalized. As things stand.”
— Howard Zinn, to the author, November, 2009, making a point central to TOSCA’s agenda

I start fresh every morning trying to “take over” the State of California (TOSCA). You can see what that’s all about by clicking on the link at the very end of this article.

I know that the key to transforming our lives in California — in the world — lies in helping the public to self-educate and walking them through the necessary steps for pressuring the powers that be. Furthermore, I know that the best way to do that on a macroscopic scale (as soon as possible) is to secure the gubernatorial office in CA… so that a governor with head, heart and soul in a healthy place can speak out vigorously, repeatedly and creatively… on behalf of sensible positions on a number of issues*.

*This morning I just happened to come across Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, bouncing off of The site and the article focus on enormously important issues. Of course, there are MANY life-and-death issues which confront us, and this piece merely uses Rochelle Becker’s priorities as a point of departure for embracing a new paradigm for action. That said, it is important to underscore that by being successful with A4NR’s agenda we will be making historic advancement respecting ALL of the other issues I have in mind.

I am open to other approaches, but — thus far — I don’t see anything else that offers as much potential on the horizon. The question of HOW “Our Governor” could secure the Sacred Seat in Sacramento is not germane here. I can certainly answer the question of HOW? However, the strategy/tactics necessary for success can be addressed as a Third Step.

The First Step that must be acknowledgment is that for all the well-intentioned efforts in various activist corners going on — necessary steps directed by educated, experienced citizens — our collective efforts are not enough. They must continue, and they should be supported, BUT… THERE IS A DIRE NEED FOR ALL “PROGRESSIVE” EFFORT TO BE MOBILIZED UNDER A SINGLE UMBRELLA FOR A SINGLE EFFORT IN ONE PARTICULAR REALM. At least for a single moment. I submit that that realm should be the gubernatorial electoral arena in California… or New York or some other major, influential state; CA is my choice, in great part, because I live in the state. From the spotlight that success in such an arena would afford, we could create the watershed in history which is necessary to address ALL the critical issues of our time.

In time. For we do have ultra-serious deadlines on a number of counts.

Again, I am open to considering another approach for moving in solidarity on a macroscopic plane, but I see no other options. I am certainly open to reconsidering what issue should be used as a point of departure, what activist personalities should be moved with in solidarity initially. But keep in mind, if you will, that I’ve been working on the above 24×8 for over a year now, and I’m very cued into how various (deservedly) prestigious organizations and well-meaning individuals are moving at an arthritic snail’s pace… going nowhere fast. Nowhere fast in the sense — again — that WE HAVE DEADLINES.

All of which brings me to what I’ve set up as our Second Step. What do we have to acknowledge beyond the First Step prior to dealing with the issue of HOW? Well, since the cooperation of so many non-profit groups is absolutely necessary for meaningful movement in solidarity, those organizations must either do one of two things. One, individual members of those groups must come on board as individual citizens. Or, two, the organizations themselves — cleverly restricted with legal parameters vis-a-vis the electoral arena — must explore ways in which they can circumvent the self-serving limitations imposed upon them by the powers that be.

I am not talking about those with tax-exempt status who are primarily into fund raising to maintain their existence. I am talking about organizations which are clear on what are, ultimately, the only important concerns. That would be… stopping our horrid momentum in time. Ensuring our survival. Increasing the chances that we’ll have a life worth living for.

On that note, I humbly/respectfully request that Rochelle Becker and/or her wonderful colleague David Weisman contact me… yesterday.

I want to serve as an asset for A4NR. And I may be able to work 24×8 on behalf of A4NR’s purposes… whether or not the organization embraces TOSCA.

I look forward to delineating HOW in person ASAP.

Blessings in solidarity,
Contact at or or 831-688-8038 in Aptos.

P.S. No disrespect intended, for what I’m about to lay out as a final note is a VERY common dynamic, quite typical among activist organizations. No disrespect, but… if I were working with A4NR, missives such as what I sent out this morning would be responded to in the time it takes to I read this article. No matter how many volunteers I had under my umbrella. For bottom/up enthusiasm must be nurtured; it is absolutely crucial to creating deep solidarity. That’s an important bit of constructive criticism. And that’s something we could change overnight, and not just for A4NR. Addressing that issue of timing is essential for advancement. Timing being important in realms other than comedy.