Gaza Oakland L.A. Same Shit

Gaza Oakland L.A. Same Shit
by O’Xman

Move over lunatics.

Crew Party? Banger Party? Same Shit Party? Shame Shit Party? It will be a party.

HOW is contingent upon WHY. But I will suggest some steps…. In private.

I’m gonna write this article and more with “Guv” Aidge Patterson. For now, I’m gonna listen to what’s at

Allocation of Heartbeats, that is the question.

We only have so many. And if, for starters, we want to release the brothers and sisters from prison, and keep them out of there, there is only one way.

Check out what’s delineated at respecting Executive Clemency. [What a spot-on Executive -- which we've never had -- could do unilaterally with homelessness, education and employment alone is astounding enough to engage the electoral arena in a life and death struggle; the prospect of unprecedented institutional change demands that.]

Oscar’s immediate family, immediate loved ones, should attend the trial. No question. But all that talk from the NAACP and retorts like the ones out of Attorney Douglas’ office regarding the issue of fairness in the courts and the importance of citizen voter registration in relation to jury selection… well, all that stuff can easily be a diversion, IS a diversion from what we can and must do at this moment. Which is to “take over” the reins of power on some highly significant level.

Other diversions: Breakin Conference, the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, the Coast-to-Coast Convention and the like. One can participate in those events enthusiastically (for personal spotlight, fun), but we all need participants to devote some heartbeats to organizing within those realms… organizing with the ultimate aim of taking over. Otherwise, we end up with one show after another, one release and ejaculation after another, one court appearance after another, and so on ad infinitum.

If all of the well-intentioned, compassionate people holding up placards in support of Oscar put the same energy into taking over — along with a similar # of heartbeats coming out of the nooks and crannies mentioned above — well then we’d have more than enough to either take over or create some watershed in history… which would amount to the same thing.

For instance, in the entire history of the country there has never been a gubernatorial contest in which ALL third parties for a given state — COMBINED — garnered more than 500,000 votes. IF WE SECURED A MILLION VOTES IN CA IN 2010 — COMING OUT OF NOWHERE ON A ZERO BUDGET IN FIVE MONTHS — WHY WE WOULD HAVE A SPOTLIGHT NOT ONLY IN CA, BUT NATIONWIDE AND EVEN WORLDWIDE… A SPOTLIGHT IN WHICH WE COULD TRANSFORM LIFE FOR ONE AND ALL VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT. Details concerning that statement will be offered up, upon request. In private. Remember, in all wars, the element of surprise is crucial. Enough said in public for now.

We can execute it to perfection.

But our starting point has to be focused on husbanding our resources. Our heartbeats.

Obama ain’t speak on it.

Let Oscar’s legacy be allowed to live as something other than wrist slapping, which — as things stand — is the very best that any of his loved ones, supporters can expect. Let’s channel our energies into something unprecedented.