Open Positions, Excellent Payoff

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Open Positions, Excellent Payoff
by Ghana Duite

If you’re looking for a good-paying gig, I’ve got one for you. But you’ve got to take the test below. Answer yes or or no to each Q, and then give me a call. [When Qs are confusing, just take your best shot; we can discuss ambiguity later.]

1. The U.S. and the world faces several crises which demand emergency action. Meaning, we have deadlines on several fronts.

2. For all practical purposes, you’ve given up on the two major political parties as far as their being able to deal adequately with those crises in time.

3. All currently registered third parties are — in terms of our deadlines — permanently marginalized, impotent. As things stand. Meaning, the seeds they plant will not bloom on a large enough scale in time.

4. You have a sincere desire to act legally (not counting, perhaps, some illegal direct action, if necessary).

5. You have a sincere desire to act non-violently:
A. with regard to people.
B. with regard to property.

6. You feel capable of bonding with at least one other person respecting your “yes” answers above.

7. Of the two choices, we have a better chance at making a difference working on the state level rather than the federal level in the U.S. for starters.

8. You would have no problem considering the opinions and advice of select foreigners, and accepting their financial support, in working within the U.S. electoral arena.

9. Any represenative group of a dozen unaffiliated, non-politician citizens (serving as “Governor” on an equal basis) — with minimal experience, but with experienced advisers — could do a “better job” than any career politician as Governor of any influential state… as long as their heads, hearts and souls are in a healthy place.

10. It is possible to create a watershed in history without fund raising.

11. Some institutional change is essential ASAP.

12. To create institutional change core activists need to work as close to 24×7 as possible. Meaning, one cannot “take off” a weekend simply because it is… the weekend.

13. As things stand, most activist books, articles, lectures, summits, conferences and the like are embraced in lieu of taking meaningful action. Meaning, they are primarily about socializing, learning and networking along lines that are unlikely to create institutional change in time.

14. It would be helpful, to say the least, for a governor of a major state to vigorously, repeatedly and creatively encourage citizens to acknowledge the need for a radical shift in lifestyle. And to clarify what steps could be taken to implement such a transformation.

Concluding point: Call me at 831-688-8038 in Santa Cruz County, California at any hour… regardless of your score. There are fifteen possible “yes” answers for the above. Contact me even if you gave four or five “no” responses. The “payoff” is potentially huge… for one and all. Email at either OR will do too.