On the Masks and Meat of Dr. Susan Block’s Campaign

ALERT: This is an archived site. Each piece, each section was written for a specific audience, for a particular purpose. Please only read what was recommended directly to you. What’s below was tremendously rushed; it is unedited, truly a first draft only, at best. READERS, IDEALLY, SHOULD GLANCE AT THE PREVIOUSLY POSTED PIECE FIRST. Anyone reading this should feel free to recommend names for our gubernatorial coalition. In fact, in most cases, they should be ashamed if they don’t… especially if they don’t contact the author to enlighten him on exactly what alternatives they have in mind, who or what they’re putting their heartbeats into, and why that can’t be blended with this Block Party effort. More important than everyone recommending individuals is soliciting your recommendations for our platform. For this isn’t about fighting City Hall, as they say. This is about unmasking the powers that be, eviscerating City Hall, if you will. Disemboweling in lieu of simply remaining disgruntled, complaining, bending over on your last breath. [We rendezvous after 7/4 to put together the gubernatorial ticket.]

Unnecessary Very Private Note sent to Dr. Susan Block upon realizing that I had sent her a link in an email this morning (6/30/10) which would enable anyone who got their hands on it to do irreparable damage to years of work: “HEY, SUSAN, I DIDN’T MEAN TO SEND YOU THIS INNER SANCTUM PAGE. Goodness, this is the page where I create this and that. Never sent this out to anyone before. This is arguably the most private of my holdings at the moment, so… do take care in not sharing this link with anyone ever, I guess.
Love, Ox P.S. In fact, it might be a good idea to “erase” the link from your files. What do you say? Seems to me that anyone could delete ALL SIX HUNDRED OF MY ARTICLES on a whim, or worse… alter them! Hey, on second thought, it might be in your interests to hold onto the whole shebang… so that you can blackmail me if I get out of line. This being unmasked, by any standards, is a great beginning, yes?”

On the Masks and Meat of Dr. Susan Block’s Campaign
Dedicated to securing as many votes as ALL third parties have ever garnered in any state in a given gubernatorial contest… with the magic of masks and non-violent musical mayhem, not by the means of rallying ’round impotent moral indignation
by Richard Martin Oxman

In a recent email to Dr. Susan Block, I mentioned the possibility of her making use of MASKS in the upcoming TOSCA gubernatorial campaign. Those listed below — all else being equal — are what I recommend. Copies of originals would serve well, of course. The point is that neither Jerry Brown nor Meg Whitman would stand a chance against a dozen qualified, truly concerned citizens decked out in these faces. I mean, they might garner more votes — considering what a late start we’re getting — but we’d definitely interfere with their game plans by securing the unprecedented million third party votes that I know we can in the next four months. And U.S. politics — our having accomplished that on a ZERO BUDGET — would never be the same. [Whether or not it's this particular highly charged dramatic approach to electoral politics that's embraced is not important. Something totally fresh, and capable of magnetizing people on a basis other than moral indignation, will be necessary.]

1. A Japanese plastic mask of Hyottoko, a character featuring in traditional Kagura performances. Extremely comical, it represents either a man whistling or trying to kindle a fire by blowing on it.

2. A wood helmet Mende mask from Sierra Leone’s female Sande society. One of the few masks in the world which are owned and used exclusively by women.

3. Mexican leather helmet mask representing a tiger, used in ritual battles during the Festival of the Cross (3 May).

4. Stone mask of Xipe Totec, Aztec, AD 1200-1519.

5. A basketry helmet mask from the Wosera sub-district of the Abelam area, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.

6. Two “Schönperchten” (beautiful winter masks) or “Schiache” (ugly masks, where ugly has connotations of evil) from Austria’s famous Tyrolean Carnival.

7. Japanese No mask of Shikami, a demon who appears in Kiri No plays such as Rashomon and Momijigari.

8. Two Mescres a Bel (Handsome Masks) or a couple of Mescres a Burt (Ugly Masks).

The above would bring us to TWELVE. We could do with just ten, with Dr. Suzy and her running mate NOT wearing masks. Readers should keep in mind that most ANY selections would do… if careful consideration is given to the whole shebang. Certainly, running exclusively with a range of No masks and/or Commedia masks would suffice. The point is to be dramatic, and to encourage cloudland to enter the lives of one and all, cloudland… the realm of poetic imagination. A realm which is not permitted in the electoral arena as it stands, not supported in our public education. [Pause.] Which is why, in part, the whole shebang must be crushed, replaced with something which is life-affirming.

Whereas there are tons of things I love about http://www.frankmooreforpresident08.com/index.html, I highly recommend — cannot get any higher than I’m getting with this “suggestion” — that Dr. Suzy’s Block Party site or Bonobo Party site be VERY simple, laid out with a low profile aesthetically. Meaning, the bold presentation characteristic of Frank and Susan’s presidential-run site (above) NOT be used*. Meaning, that deep consideration be given to how twelve generally palatable photos can be arranged (with short adjacent blurbs) online so as to give the impression that OUR CAMPAIGN is unlike anything that’s come before, that it’s quite serious in its goal of securing 500,000 votes (at the very least, if not winning the gubernatorial election), and that we intend to create a watershed in history with ongoing input from the public. [Pause.] Oh yes, and that the very survival of the planet, life remaining worth living… is contingent upon our success.

*What can be utilized is that biz about how citizens can go about casting their votes for Suzy & Co.

Loving regards in solidarity,
831-688-8038 in Aptos, CA at any hour OR tosca.2010@yahoo.com. PLEASE SEE the previously posted article to get a decent sense of TOSCA and the concept of “Ecstatic Politics.” It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that this whole shebang is one of the late great Howard Zinn’s dying wishes, Howard who helped me immeasurably to recruit the lovely folks at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/556.