Tracing the Arc of ARC: Facing Their Facing Race Conference

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Tracing the Arc of ARC: Facing Their Facing Race Conference
Presumptuously dedicated to helping us all come out of the rain….
by Richard Martin Oxman

A tearful Etta James once sang to my astonished face, five heartbeats from where I sat. [Pause.] Changed forever everything. That’s who I am. [Pause.] I am NOT about dealing with Racial Justice — or anything — along traditional lines. Rather, I take the lines and spirit of Tony Joe White’s… and insist upon embracing a new paradigm for change. [Pause.] Not moving at an arthritic snail’s pace. Letting it “fly like an eagle.”

Now to that very well-intentioned organization, the Applied Research Center (ARC). They should be applauded and supported for their many efforts and accomplishments. That said, the fact that they have a Facing Race Conference coming up in September begs a few questions. One of which has to do with why they are advertising that they intend to define racial justice. We’re not clear on that? We need to do that again to accomplish something else they advertise… that they want to make change? [Pause.] This is an annual event?

So help me God, if they will open up and come out of the rain, I can help them to address those issues effectively immediately. If ARC must conduct such conferences for reasons I know nothing about… that is one thing. However, if their trajectory is all about making a difference on the ground in the real world of suffering ASAP — which, I’m sure must be their primary priority — I have very good news for them.

The Forgotten Casualties of the Recession delineated by my buddy Anthony DiMaggio can be helped virtually overnight. Surely, if I’m right about that, it should bring an ear to ear smile on the faces of one and all associated with ARC.

How? The deep means I want to discuss in person, in confidence — leisurely — with those at ARC immediately. But to encourage such a rendezvous, permit me to drop a sound bite of sorts for our purposes here. [Do keep in mind, please, that this represents only one possible approach available to us.]

If the top 1% of citizens in California — $-wise — were taxed only an additional 1%, we’d be able to immediately remove the ENTIRE DEBT of the state. Ditto for New York. This is particularly “easy” once one realizes that the vast majority of the wealth and income generated by the top 1% goes undeclared for tax purposes as a rule. We could garner enough money for the above purposes if we only placed a 1% tax on the $ which the very wealthy illegally keep hidden from the Tax Man.

And… if one wanted to remove only half of California’s debt overnight, well… then we’d have lots of $ left over to apply to realms which enable us to treat the poor humanely, yes? And the fact is, in the real world — replete with its horrid momentum — even that top 1% stands to benefit immeasurably by… doing the right thing. To be elaborated on, upon request.

I have an unprecedented plan by which we can — in 2010/2011 — for the powers that be to get with the thrust of what I’ve touched upon above. It won’t cost a penny, and it’s legal and non-violent. And it can’t fail.

I look forward to be invited by ARC to an historic rendezvous. To discuss this new paradigm for change.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman
831-688-8038 at any hour
“…the huge state deficits of California and New York could be wiped out today by applying a one percent tax on the top one percent of their wealthiest residents. Many European countries do this.” — from more