Note: It’s been about an hour since my phone talk with JR (Minister of Information) in the Oakland community was interrupted by something on his end. And I’m starting to wonder if he will call back as promised. I’ve had a lot of situations in which promised follow-up has not been honored. I trust that the bond I’m trying to establish with JR will be honored, the spirit of my intention, regardless of interest in this or that specific. It’s about 10:30 A.M. I’ll make a follow-up note to the above shortly. This is not meant to be disrespectful. But there is a great need among “activists” to learn from what each of us is experiencing. It’s now AFTER NOON. Update: No return call from JR as of this moment. What’s happening? Why am I getting the feeling that he won’t be calling back? Is it because of the inexplicable lack of even courtesy rejection (i.e., “Thanks, but no thanks. I won’t be getting back to you.”) which I’ve experienced for over a year now from so many quarters, including many crucial nooks and crannies within the Black community in Oakland? Keep in mind that I always underscore that what I’m proposing can be tweaked to serve the specific purposes, primary priorities of whoever I’m communicating with. What’s going on? I’ve got deeply sad but instructive emails to share with anyone who wants to gain insight into the actual fiber of the so-called socially-conscious/environmentally-conscious community. For the purpose of creating a core group which can circumvent our present stagnation, our arthritic snail’s pace toward… nowhere. 7:17 P.M. Update: Still not a word. I’m sick to my stomach… thinking about the seeming attitudinal set in the various quarters of Oakland, including the Chamber of Commerce, which could not seem more disinterested in dialogue. This article has some value, yet I fear JR will not read it, that no one will. My greater concern is that what it attempts to address will remain unacknowledged. The atomization and habitual thinking (uninterested in contemplating new paradigms) is horrifying. For it could only be so entrenched if people were not clear on deadlines, the meaning of our momentum.

by OX

Thanks for your call this A.M. Merci for your many efforts and accomplishments.

I recommend that you glance at and and — primarily that first link given — so that this SOUND BITE doesn’t serve as the whole shebang in our dialogue.

To address your response:

a. Put aside the question of HOW for the moment.

b. Put aside the mistaken notion that the proposal would require the effort you think it would.

c. Put aside, if you will, the political differences which we all have. might help in this regard.

d. THE OBJECT IS NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ELECTORAL ARENA AS PER AL GORE OR IN THE WAY IN WHICH ANY CAREER POLITICIANS DO. You are no more “distanced” emotionally from electoral politics than me. No one on my end is into politics. No one in my quarter, obviously, trusts the outcome of elections or the potential for working in the electoral scene. Rather, we are all about upsetting the game board for one and all. We are NOT into replacing red knights with white knights or blue knights on the political chess board.

e. Our enemy is not the person or the group that’s currently being confronted. Yes, the police and the powers that be are NOT on our side, to say the least, as things stand. BUT… OUR CHALLENGE IS to confront the resignation, apathy, cynicism, ignorance and atomization which keeps us from moving in solidarity on a meaningful level. All the “activity” on your end thus far — from radio reports and demos in L.A., etc. — begs the question of what exactly is being accomplished. You mentioned “minor victories” in passing in conversation. And without being disrespectful at all regarding your efforts and accomplishments — the necessary planting of seeds, etc. — I ask you to elaborate on exactly what has been done and what can be expected to be done down the road if we proceed as we are doing. If you continue with your game plan and modus operandi as is.

“I submit that nothing that’s being done or planned at present will prevent more and more abominations like the murder of Oscar Grant from happening. That, in fact, the horror that we just witnessed in and out of the courtroom with regard to Oscar’s legacy will be repeated ad infinitum… unless we embrace a new paradigm for protest/change. And that will require ‘recruitment’ along new lines for starters.”

f. Once frustrated, angry citizens unite in following a new paradigm for protest/change we have a shot in hell at getting something done that will have lasting value. THAT “thing” does not have to be my “thing.” BUT… it must be something fresh. At present we are following obsolete models for action.

g. For all of the good work that’s being done, we are documenting ourselves to death, guaranteeing our demise with documentation that does not lead to action that can have the impact we want.

h. I respectfully request an opportunity to talk with you and yours as per your convenience so that we do not SOUND BITE this whole affair, these notions that I’m putting on the table for your consideration.

i. I did not want to talk about the above over the phone in a rushed setting. I know everyone’s busy, but that’s part of the problem. No one is taking the time for deep dialogue in person. Everyone’s out the door, gearing up to work in little corners… which… well, I recommend that you glance at those hot links provided above.

I will hastily post this now, hoping to impress you with the fact that I wrote this so quickly, put this together so quickly for your consideration. I trust that what it took to do so will resonate with you when you call back as promised.

Loving regards in soldarity regardless of your response to the above,
Your Ox
831-688-8038 at any hour