Laura Wells and the Greens in CACA Land

Note: This is an archived site. Each piece, each section was written for a particular purpose, a specific audience… for a given moment in time. Without proper context, an article, etc. can be puzzling, off-putting. Perhaps… only read what’s recommended directly to you. WHAT’S BELOW IS UNEDITED. Too exhausted from rejection and frustration to do anything but ramble on here. Hopefully it’ll have some value for someone. Update, 9:48 A.M. (7/15/10): No response from several “Green quarters” contacted earlier still. I pray that I’m wrong about this, but it certainly seems as if this arthritic snail’s pace being employed is going… nowhere, fast. At the very least, individuals and organizations should consider taking me up on my offer to guarantee that one and all receive something other than a generic response to inquiries… immediately. In fact, I haven’t even received generic replies in most cases.

Laura Wells and the Greens in CACA Land
by Ox

The title here is meant to be sarcastic. My efforts in the CA gubernatorial arena to date have NOT been born of the formulaic. Rather, they have been on the street, at doors, trying to engage people, to help them deal with the resignation, apathy, ignorance, cynicism and atomization which dominate their lives. My reaching out has also extended to people and groups ranging from Sean Penn, JR, Wanda Johnson and Green Day to the True Vine Baptist Church and Applied Research Center in Oakland. Thousands. To thousands over the past 18 months. In and around the Bay Area and way beyond. [Pause.] I have very instructive tales to tell. CACA Land, indeed.

Hi, folks. I know no one’s out there, but I’ll proceed regardless.

No one would believe what I’ve been through in trying to create some form of movement in solidarity. And too few who did believe my stories would be interested in doing something about it, care. Nevertheless, I’m posting something for Laura Wells’ kind consideration here. I have limitless energy to devote to any group who is trying to make real inroads, shooting for institutional change. That’s why I’m dancing around critical lines directly below. [Pause.] I trust that once people on Laura’s end are in receipt of this blah blah they will invite me for a rendezvous… to discuss strategy, to have an in-depth exchange about how to improve their campaign. I’d like a leisurely/open talk to be arranged, so that I don’t have to sound bite my contributions. Or bite my tongue.

Here’s hoping that my background will pique interest in addition to what’s below.

Negatives and questions only here, ignoring the many positives. To get moving expeditiously with improvements. I have suggestions which I’d like to make in person, leisurely, directly to Laura.

In no special order:

1. The Democracy Recipe entry is dated on the Wells website.
2. The website is designed to fight the good fight only, with no sense of deadlines.
3. Since only 39% showed up last time out, how does Laura plan to attract citizens from the 61% who stayed away? I ask this because the vast majority of those who are likely to show up this time are guaranteed to vote for one of the two Titanic parties, not Laura.
4. What is being done to recruit volunteers with a sense of urgency?
5. What door-to-door work is being done at present?
6. Where is CRIME and THE PROBLEMS OF THE IMMISERATED addressed on the site?
7. Where is the connection between our WARS and other concerns made on the site?
8. Is it too late for the Greens to tweak what they’ve agreed upon to date for public consumption?
9. What problems, if any, does Laura have with, say, the Peace and Freedom Party or the Socialist Party? I choose those two at random, but they both aim for institutional change. Is it conceivable that the Greens could unite with them on one particular effort this time around? Does anyone on Laura’s end see the value and/or need to move in solidarity with them (and others) on some basis (ASAP)?
10. Why is no one handling inquiries (like the ones I made this A.M.) 24×7?
11. Did I miss something, or is there no mention of EMF/RF pollution? My impression of the site is that there’s no consciousness of the dangers, that the campaign will rely on gadgetry like cell phones, WiFi, etc. And that there is a lot of faith in being able to “recruit” via computer.

Who is going to read what’s on the website? Who is going to read your flyers? And of those few among the electorate, who is going to not succumb to the notion that “It’s better to elect a Democrat than a Republican, and not waste a vote”?

The thing is, is Laura going to run a safe campaign? Meaning, will she be satisfied with going through the steps expected of a Green Party candidate with no real ambition to actually change anything this time around? Or will she take some risks? Will she do something that doesn’t adhere to… habit? Will anything along the lines of a new paradigm be embraced? On any count? Is this all to be Third Party politics as usual? Meaning boring and ineffectual, without planting seeds of true hope.

In solidarity perhaps,
Richard Martin Oxman 831-688-8038 ASAP, please

TOSCA (from a former life, as ancient now as