Teens Turning Red

Note: This is an archived site. Each piece, each section was written for a particular purpose, a specific audience… for a given moment in time. Without proper context, an article, etc. can be puzzling, off-putting. Perhaps… only read what’s recommended directly to you. WHAT’S BELOW IS UNEDITED. UPDATE, 3:40 P.M., 7/16/10: Sadly, it looks like no one in the Teens Turning Green or Green Party or Greenpeace quarters is going to make time to have the deep dialogue requested in the blah blah below. I pray that I am wrong. That said, let it be known that I am now also trying to connect with Yannick Phillips. UPDATE at 10:00 P.M.: Yannick is busy. Everyone is busy. I pray that someone will pass the word to someone who can take the heartbeats to meet. [I would not waste anyone's heartbeats.]

What’s below has been created for Judi Shils and Teens Turning Green. In boldface, blending with the word from Judi’s email of yesterday are comments which I’d like people in Judi’s quarter to consider… in preparing to meet with her and/or Mary Beth and others on Tuesday at the CUPC protest.

Teens Turning Red
by Richard

“I figure the things you can control in your life, you have to. We’re watching people die here every day.” — Judi Shils

Teens turning red can refer to anger and fear for the purposes of this article.


Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendars.

We will march on the CPUC Building at 505 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco on Tuesday July 20th at Noon, PLEASE WEAR RED IF YOU CAN TO SIGNIFY STOPPING THE CPUC FROM PROCEEDING WITH A POORLY THOUGHT OUT PLAN. We must march at times, but what is the rule of thumb for activists is to march in lieu of doing much more than marching. I plan to be there, but I’m looking for a commitment from those participating respecting the need to have a rendezvous to discuss what “much more than marching” we can do in solidarity. People on my end have a number of recommendations to put on the table for consideration. The problem, always, these days is that — more than ever — people are rushing, making no time for the deep discussion (with extensive Q&A) that’s required to formulate a plan that’s agreeable to one and all. That’s what my call is about here. To have Judi or Mary Beth let me know WHERE and WHEN we can have such a talk. Prior to that, I’d like to have a reaction to the previous posting about Laura Wells’ site. I’m assuming that Teens Turning Green support the Green Party generally, and since an important part of what I’d like to discuss has to do with the current gubernatorial campaign… it’s necessary to address WHY no one from the Green Party has responded to missives from my quarter to date, messages offering to move in solidarity.

We are hoping to gather 50-100 strong with BIG BOLD signs and messaging to let the CPUC know that every community in our state will not be their guinea pigs. PG&E has already started their abominable tv campaign appeals, designed to convince the public that “Smart Meters” are the great, new Thing of the Future. How many groups of 50-100 will have to be gathered, how often… to confront such an onslaught? The gatherings, again, are necessary at times. But there must be — simultaneously — something we’re all doing together on a macroscopic level in solidarity. Something that follows a new paradigm. A paradigm that cannot be easily defeated — or defeated at all! — by $$, influence in high places, propaganda, etc. There is a horrid momentum that’s kicked in, as you know. And we cannot afford to focus exclusively on “Smart Meters” or any single other aspect of The Unhealthy Onslaught… as more and more cell towers go up, and as their power is increased dramatically… on an ongoing basis. Again, I have a proposal for action.

We want to gather representatives from as many NGO’s as we can and as many companies representing a diverse collective of constituents. One by one our cities are stepping forward to JUST SAY NO. Fairfax had a brilliant presentation last night by Councilmember Larry Bragman and unanimously said NO to Smart Meters in their community. Let’s keep building the momentum. Let’s bring out the press and let the everyone know what PG+E has in store. Please let me know if you will join us. RSVP to me or to info@teensturninggreen.org. Hope to see you there. City stances can be reversed as $$ and Resistance Exhaustion and Propaganda kick in. Again, we proceed as we must with securing these allies, but we — simultaneously — push something on the macroscopic level that cannot be reversed. For one, we must help the public to self-educate IMMEDIATELY far beyond the capacity to do so with placards and costumes which may or may not be covered by the mainstream media, which may or may not be tweaked in editing to send out visceral messages that prevent us from having the effect that we want. For instance, all it takes for a given station to undermine what’s (positively) covered is to have someone say something at the demo like, “Oh I don’t think these are teens turning green, I see all this as teens turning red. Leftist, you know what I mean.” [Pause.] Duh. [Pause.] We cannot afford to have that game played any longer.

Richard Martin Oxman aptosnews@gmail.com
831-688-8038 at any hour in Aptos, CA. That “at any hour” will give you a hint about… what we’re all about on my end. This is a confrontation that demands constant involvement. Our challenges will NOT be met — definitely NOT — unless we are resolved to follow a new paradigm for protest and change. The paradigm does not have to be mine, what I suggest. It can be YOURS. But… that’s why we need that leisurely meeting ASAP. Clearly, we have deadlines.

P.S. Select subjects that I’d like to be reminded of to address upon meeting in addition to what’s above:

a. The nature of the communications with the public at www.emfsafetynetwork.org.
b. The lack of people of color within the Teens Turning Green network. The need for the organization to be effective in recruiting from the broad spectrum of society.
c. Whole Foods’ stance on organics and labor.

d. The 5th World Youth Congress in Turkieye vs. the U.S. Military regarding the environment.
e. Home schooling.
f. Fund raising for your efforts.
g. Governor Shils.