“TOSCA” ASAP: Sound Bites

Note: This is an archived site. All articles and sections were written for specific audiences, for particular purposes. Without the proper context, a given piece can be puzzling or off-putting. Please only read what is directly recommended to you. This article was initially written for Stacy Malkan and her associates at http://www.safecosmetics.org/. And for the Majora Carter Group. What’s below is unedited. Note added 8/16/10 specifically for STS9: Films and fund raising are fine… but will not suffice. I am speaking of the deadlines which face us.

“TOSCA” ASAP: Sound Bites
by Ox

“…or pursue your present course, and face obliteration.” — Klaatu, The Day the Earth Stood Still

TOSCA stands for Taking Over the State of California (legally, non-violently and immediately). The intention is to transform life in our country via California virtually overnight. NYC (New York Coup) is a variation of that. [Yes, we do know that some things take time. Some things. We just can't afford to move at an arthritic snail's pace... going nowhere.]


a. The greatest challenge to radical or progressive advances is not a party or a particular ideology. It is overcoming public apathy, cynicism, ignorance, resignation and atomization.
b. In several realms we have ultra-serious deadlines; we have many life and death issues which are not being given the urgent attention/action demanded. At present, we are — essentially — only talking, writing and meeting. We are documenting ourselves to death with articles, books, lectures, conferences and summits in lieu of taking meaningful action in massive solidarity. We are planting beautiful seeds… which will not bloom in time.
c. To be non-violent and effective soon enough, we must try to work within the electoral arena following a new paradigm for doing so.
d. Career politicians from the two major parties cannot be counted on; they are, for the most part, a huge reason why we’re not slated to meet our various deadlines
e. Well-meaning candidates from established third parties are — as things stand — permanently marginalized.
f. Securing the gubernatorial office in any one of the most influential states (in the unprecedented way we intend to do so) will create a watershed in history, encouraging necessary changes across the U.S. and worldwide sooner than any other single approach. IF that office is run by a coalition of unaffiliated, non-politician citizens working together on an equal basis (in lieu of a single, self-serving careerist). And IF that coalition is made up of citizens who have their heads, hearts and souls in a healthy place. [All of this can be elaborated on upon request.]
g. The vast majority of NGOs — including the most influential — are preoccupied with fund raising and staying in business.
h. Most of the good work that’s being done among NGOs is restricted to making inroads in little corners; virtually nothing — if not nothing at all — is being done among radical/progressive citizens in solidarity on a macroscopic scale.
i. What is being done, in virtually all cases, on all levels, is being done following obsolete paradigms for protest/change. [This can be elaborated on, upon request.]
j. “Adequate solutions” will not secured via technology or by tinkering with reform… to a sufficient degree, soon enough. Institutional change and a radical transformation of lifestyle is demanded.

The above ten points are condensed, and not comprehensive, of course.

I respectfully request an opportunity to have a meeting ASAP… with leisurely Q&A… in-depth discussion… until some plan of action is embraced… whether or not it’s some form of TOSCA. A plan which moves on a macroscopic plane… following a new paradigm.

Richard Martin Oxman
831-688-8038 at any hour in Aptos, California
or aptosnews@gmail.com

P.S. A host of high profile figures worldwide have given their imprimaturs for some version of TOSCA. The 2010 California gubernatorial race was the initial goal. At this late date, however, it is imperative that we not feel locked into that particular contest; there are options. The bottom line should be recruitment of a core group which is primarily composed of those who did not vote statewide in the 2006 election (61% of the electorate). Since the powers that be would never allow a “third party effort” to succeed, organizing must proceed with a back up plan of sorts. That has been worked out, but needs to be discussed in person, in confidence. Regardless, if one were to garner a million votes (in a loss) that would be double what all third parties ever secured in a given gubernatorial contest in history. And that would — unquestionably — make the expenditure of heartbeats worth the candle. [Pause.] TOSCA is a zero budget proposition, and does not require that participants be diverted from their present primary priorities. Again, answers to all questions, objections, reservations… upon request. These are only sound bites.