War Bones: Begging June, Jayne, Pete, Stuart, Fernando, Keith et al.

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War Bones: Begging June, Jayne, Pete, Stuart, Fernando, Keith et al.
by Busy Bones

“In the course of preparing myself… I realized afresh that I hate Churchill and all of his kind. I hate them virulently.” – Actor Richard Burton, sober, in an article he wrote for the New York Times about his experience playing the role of Winston Churchill

“The fish don’t grab at your line.”
— from Lazy Bones

No matter how right you are in protesting Blair & Co., you will advance… not at all… as long as you cling to obsolete models for change. All the articles, books, lectures, conferences, summits, slambang music-centered gatherings will not culminate in dealing the “necessary” death blow to the powers that be. Not unless you embrace a new paradigm for protest/change.

With all the deep respect for your efforts/accomplishments to date, I am obliged to underscore that we are — as anti-war colleagues — proceeding at an arthritic snail’s pace. In fact, we are documenting, demonstrating and deluding ourselves to death. We have deadlines which are passing daily. And we MUST get together on what we can do that’s fresh, that has a chance in hell of confronting the actions we virulently hate, the actions of the powers that be.

I am not in this thing to simply fight the good fight. And I look abroad… I write to your Alistair, your Isobel and others in the UK because the anti-war people in the U.S. are stuck in what Samuel Beckett referred to as habit. As in “Habit is the great deadener.” That coupled with the fact that too many of them still don’t get the bumper sticker which reads George W. Obama. They don’t see what’s rotten to the core in the U.S., they are incapable of seeing the absolute need for institutional change. Meaning, nonviolent revolution. They are, for the most part, resigned to begging on their knees for reform from career politicians* who don’t have the slightest intention of honoring anything that’s honorable, beautiful or necessary for the benefit of one and all.

*No matter how much contact those abroad seem to have had with those on my shores, there seems to be a distinct lack of insight into what’s going on over here with regard to Left blah blah. To wit, “careers” play entirely too much of a part among “protesters”… as they do with politicians. It’s the next engagement on the lecture circuit, publication of the next book, the next invitation to a conference, etc. that’s important, the limelight and/or the raising of funds (for self-preservation, for the survival of one’s organization) which takes precedence over creating a watershed in history, doing what must be done to end WAR. [Contrary to popular misconception, ALL war can be ended on earth. It is NOT because of "human nature" that history has been festooned with wars.]

For the moment, permit me to conclude by pointing out something I just sent to Alistair, Isobel and others, your colleagues. That is… I know that you know the degree to which both UK and U.S. involvement in the WAR ON TERROR has to do with their “connection” with Israel’s agenda. Well, to underscore just one — just one — matter in my realm which could dramatically change everything virtually overnight… I ask you to consider that the Governor of California, as Head Dude of the Regents of the University of California system, could — unilaterally — force UC divestment in Israel. Such action would set in motion a number of historic balls which would have many heads spinning in short order. A snowball effect could be generated by such action, and I ask one and all in the UK to at least enter into dialogue with me… so that other elements within our collective control — untapped to date — can be explored.

I have a way for UK citizens to get involved in the U.S. electoral arena in a significant way, making an historic difference. This is important because actions in the UK will come to nothing without our — collectively — making a dent simultaneously in the U.S. realm.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman
831-688-8038 in Aptos, California, U.S.A. at any hour