Excerpt from the Article on TOSCA Imprimaturs

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Excerpt from the Article on TOSCA Imprimaturs
by Richard Martin Oxman

What follows was taken from a (now dated) list of original supporters of TOSCA — world citizens — all of whom gave me their green light, permission to use their names to recruit others… well over a year ago.

The acronym TOSCA started out standing for Taking Over the State of California, and that’s what it still is, an effort to take over the gubernatorial reins in Sacramento, California. For nothing short of that will enable us to adequately address/provide solutions for a host of crucial issues which have unacknowledged deadlines. [Little known fact: Throughout history there has never been a Governor of California with heart, head and soul in a healthy place, and any such governor could transform life in the state virtually overnight... unilaterally.] The revolutionary roots of opera, and the pleasure we associate with Puccini’s work, made TOSCA a decent acronym for us to embrace. [Pause.] Please note before you pigeonhole us that we can’t stand career politicians! Our agenda is aimed at radical institutional change… which they NEVER would support. [Okay, so you found a rare exception to the rule!]

We intend to proceed legally and nonviolently, but with a great sense of urgency. A somewhat dated delineation of TOSCA is available at Planet Green. [Link available upon request.] The focus there is on environmental matters, but a close reading will reveal that TOSCA is equally concerned with everything from our wars and racism to the arts and health care. Directly below is a select list of our supporters, people who are encouraging us. Links showing the work of our high profile figures worldwide, are available (with contact info) upon request.

The late great Howard Zinn provided us with his imprimatur about a year before his death.

In addition to Howard, some of the others on board with us in solidarity are:

Henry Giroux (Canada), Devinder Sharma (India), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Gustavo Esteva and John Ross (Mexico), Binoy Kampmark (Australia), Nirmal Ghosh (Thailand), Peter Tatchell (U.K.), Jerry Fresia (Italy), Franklin Lamb (Lebanon), Jennifer Loewenstein (Gaza/U.S.), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Linh Dinh (Vietnam) and Dr. Moti Nissani (Patagonia).

In the U.S., there are many activists, educators, journalists, and tireless members of prestigious non-profits (who are not concerned with fund raising) moving in solidarity with us. Please note that we are operating on a zero budget, in large part, to make an important point along our campaign trail.

Michael Parenti, Bill Blum, Derrick Jensen, Paul Street, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Cindy Sheehan, Vijay Prashad, Paul Krassner, Greg Moses, Jodie Evans, Bruce Anderson, Ron Jacobs, Dave Lindorff, Keith Harmon Snow, Ronnie Cummins, Mickey Z, Ellen Brown, Glen Ford, Danny Weil, David Yearsley, Michael Stocker, Delaney Bruce, Cathy O’Keefe, Brenda Norrell, Edmund Helminski, Richard Vogel, Missy Beattie, Stephen Lendman, Eric Walberg, Michael Donnelly, Peter McLaren, Ramzy Baroud, Anthony DiMaggio, Stephen Martin, Joseph Nevins, Judith Blau, John Walsh, Doug Deitch and Dr. Bruce E. Levine are some of those on board. Again, the backgrounds of these people, samples of their work, and the institutions and/or organizations with which they are affiliated are available upon request.

Contact Richard at 831-688-8038 in Aptos, California at any hour. aptosnews@gmail.com will also work.