O ballare tutti o nessuno ballo non (O tutti o nessuno danze danze?)

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O ballare tutti o nessuno ballo non (O tutti o nessuno danze danze?)
Dedicated to Marina of Montenegro dancing in the aisles whilst disenchanted youngsters at the University of Bologna and others do the same….
by Il bue italiano (fresh from the dance floor)


Couple the above with the notion that we’re all sounds coming from a single diaphragm.

With not even the meaning suggested at the end of the link directly above.

Sometimes harmonizing, sometimes not.

And then look long and hard at how you live. Where you live. What you do for what’s called a living.

How to drop out of the educational momentum that’s satirized in the link? How to terminate your present employment without becoming a loser? How to switch gears? How to generate hope of some kind, some fun future possibilities? How to do the dance of life now?

See me. [And bring some hot, black coffee.]

What do you have to lose? [Pause.] Do you have something cooking? Something in the oven?

I don’t see anything edible on your plate or in the kitchen. That’s why I’m addressing you.

Let’s take care of you in the embrace of theatrical solidarity. Whilst we confront lots else simultaneously.

Translate this Spanish into Italian for me, if you will:

O Bailan Todos O No Baile Nadie

For I must have done a horrid job with my title here.


Then translate it into Japanese for me. Please.

For, you see, whereas one does not have to necessarily rescue those suffering from radiation, need not feel the need to be a goody-two-shoes in any shape or form (Better not, in fact!), one is obliged to have others’ radiation resonate within some realm that one rules. What?!! [Pause.] Meaning, that even in terms of enlightened self-dance-interest the suffering of others must shake the soul. To really shake a leg, those beaten down must have something to do with the heartbeat. [Pause.] Listen to your heartbeats.

Only then can we dance.

See if you can locate the author in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SEULZIHru0&NR=1, and then contact him at aptosnews@gmail.com.