De)Part for The Penguin

March of the Penguins

by Richard Oxman

Run, don’t walk or waddle, to see Luc Jacquet’s *March of the Penguins*.

Don’t waffle on this, please. Unless many more people experience something soulful like this soon, the world is doomed. And unless we do something to “separate ourselves” from the vast majority who suffer from *Madagascar* mentality (wherein ignorance about this subject is compounded)…our individual existences will count for naught.

I choose not to qualify the statements above. I choose only to underscore here that — on several counts — the *masterpiece* [1] I’m recommending is…essential viewing.

An actual movie house would be ideal, obligatory for some.

And although we certainly don’t have to look to films as the only source for addressing what concerns me, I’m hard put to pinpoint something else right now…that might at least lend a helping hand. In time.

What’s truly beyond words is beyond words. So…I’ll end this with the three words which comprised my first spoken response to the Oxman family as the lights went on:

“Shame on *Batman*.”

Richard Oxman,, is, as always, very open to discussing any and all aspects of what his articles lead readers to…. And, if anyone wants to help his creative output, please know that he’s still looking for a pen and ink person…with whom to collaborate…in presenting select, condensed chapters from (his ongoing Work In Progress) ‘Mmmerican Waterloo0 for consideration…by various publishers.

Flipper Footnote:

[1] The term *is* overused, and there are some qualifications I’d have to note — including missed opportunities for inserting\* a Johnny Cash song, an Edwin Starr ditty (and some Robert Frost lines, etc. perhaps), along with elaboration on a few points — BUT…this is NOT a flick to tear apart here…like certain children might do…tearing the wings off of butterflies…trying to understand beauty better. Analysis is for another time. First we must avoid the crime of missing this “masterpiece.”

*This is hesitantly offered up as the score is one of the elements most highly praised.