Sound Bites of TOSCA

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Sound Bites of TOSCA
by The Ox
This telegraphic take of the Taking Over the State of California project is dedicated to Dennis, Steve, Gary and Van Dyke Parks.

What is below is an excerpt from something written prior to the last CA gubernatorial contest.

In the name of contributing a new paradigm for change, rejecting obsolete models for action… as per recommendations from the late, great Howard Zinn
by RMO
831-688—– in Aptos, California at any hour

Taking Over the State of California
Transforming Our State of California
Traumatically Overhauling the State of California
Tweaking Our Spirituality for the Country+

There is an EXTREME urgency to address many issues in California, nationally and internationally… simultaneously. Any “radical” Governor of California — with head, heart and soul in a healthy place — can create a watershed in history unilaterally, creating ripples worldwide. Most well-educated, well-intentioned, experienced/engaged citizens do not know that. [Appeals to federal or state officials following obsolete paradigms will not do nearly enough in time. We do have deadlines.] We need institutional changes, not token reforms.

We do NOT want to keep documenting ourselves to death, primarily being concerned with our next article, book, lecture, conference etc. Personal spotlight and socializing is certainly not of interest. And we want to be very clear that we consider both major political parties as great contributors to our abominations, our horrid momentum… which is slated to leave no life on the planet worth living for; traditional third parties, as things stand, are permanently marginalized. ENTER TOSCA, legal and non-violent. And fun.

Features of TOSCA:

1. Twelve unaffiliated*, non-politician citizens to serve as Governor of California (together, virtually on an equal basis, with the elected working figurehead Governor and the elected working figurehead Lieutenant Governor holding two votes each).

*If you look for political parties in the U.S. Constitution you won’t find any. Recall that the Framers disdained the very notion, warning that political parties simply invite factionalism and could create all sorts of mischief and civil strife. How prescient they were! The U.S. was governed for over 20 years before the first political parties emerged. What this suggests is that all political parties are constitutionally out of bounds and ought to be eliminated. Career interests inevitably interfere with healthy decision-making for The Commons. TOSCA imagines the benefits of having a dozen citizens serving the public interest, in lieu of having a single, self-serving careerist at the helm (once again!)

2. Gubernatorial write-in campaign to be waged without any fund raising. [It is vital that we demonstrate what can be accomplished without money, in an effort to confront our main challenges... which are apathy, resignation, ignorance, cynicism and atomization.]

3. All decision-making and negotiations during tenure to be televised for public consumption on The Governor’s Channel, communications not contingent upon mainstream media outlets, their editing.

4. Direct 24×7 public access to members of gubernatorial team or one of their professional advisers. No generic forms of communication used. The adviser group will have high profile figures worldwide, including Devinder Sharma (India), Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (U.S.), Jennifer Loewenstein (Gaza/U.S.), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Henry Giroux (Canada), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Keith Harmon Snow (Congo/U.S.) and Gustavo Esteva (Mexico). [ -- which contains a dated listing of imprimaturs -- may be useful on this note.]

5. Priorities include much of what has been delineated by the Peace and Freedom Party Platform (, the Libertarian Party, the Socialist Party and the Green Party. HOWEVER, we have significant differences with those parties which are permanently marginalized. We ask members of those parties to support our gubernatorial candidate in this one particular effort for 2010. That said, our campaign plan for securing votes does not require the support of any of the 39% who turned out for the last California gubernatorial contest. Details concerning how votes will be secured are available upon request.

6. Governor’s alternative media outlet will vigorously, repeatedly and creatively help the public to self-educate, as noted above. This is a crucial element in bringing about meaningful, lasting change. For TOSCA will rise or fall on whether or not the public’s creative juices are stimulated, encouraging the great positive potential which resides in the souls of all citizens. The Governor’s Channel — for the first time in history — will help walk citizens through the necessary steps for applying unprecedented pressure on representatives who cling to the status quo; TOSCA will educate the public about activism which follows a new paradigm for change.

7. There will be ongoing discussion respecting the likelihood of electoral fraud in any gubernatorial election which might be won by a radical third party. We intend to have a plan in place which will counteract any attempt to circumvent legitimate results. In short, win or lose, we will be organized to push our program through direct action, incorporating the citizen participation necessary to make a difference. [It is noteworthy that if a million votes are secured even in a loss, such an accomplishment will represent DOUBLE what ALL third parties ever garnered COMBINED in any given gubernatorial contest in the union in U.S. history; even that would establish an unprecedented spotlight for creating change.]

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols will be one of our dozen gubernatorial coalition members. Derrick Jensen — should his health hold out — will be another. We need two working figurehead candidates who people can vote for ASAP. People of color, women, people ‘cross the board are very much desired. NO campaigning along traditional lines. No speeches, no traveling necessary. Virtually no signatures needed. No fund raising. Let’s go.


2008-2011: I worked closely — worldwide — with many concerned citizens, including the late great Howard Zinn, Henry Giroux (Canada), Devinder Sharma (India), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Gustavo Esteva and the late John Ross (Mexico), Binoy Kampmark (Australia), Nirmal Ghosh (Thailand), Peter Tatchell (U.K.), Jerry Fresia (Italy), Franklin Lamb (Lebanon), Jennifer Loewenstein (Gaza/U.S.), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Linh Dinh and Dr. Moti Nissani (Patagonia). See the reference to TOSCA above, an unprecedented U.S. gubernatorial campaign that was slated to have an impact across national boundaries.

In the U.S., we worked in solidarity with Michael Parenti, Bill Blum, Derrick Jensen, Paul Street, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Cindy Sheehan, Vijay Prashad, Paul Krassner, Greg Moses, Jodie Evans, Bruce Anderson, Ron Jacobs, Dave Lindorff, Keith Harmon Snow, Ronnie Cummins, Mickey Z, Ellen Brown, Glen Ford, Danny Weil, David Yearsley, Michael Stocker, Delaney Bruce, Cathy O’Keefe, Brenda Norrell, Edmund Helminski, Richard Vogel, Missy Beattie, Stephen Lendman, Eric Walberg, Michael Donnelly, Peter McLaren, Ramzy Baroud, Anthony DiMaggio, Stephen Martin, Joseph Nevins, Judith Blau, John Walsh, Doug Deitch and Dr. Bruce E. Levine are some of those on board. [The backgrounds of these people, samples of their work, and the institutions and/or organizations with which they are affiliated are available upon request. Some will provide excellent references for me.]

FINAL NOTE, WRITTEN AUGUST 17TH, WEDNESDAY, 2011: The focus should not be on recruiting like-minded souls (on issues) at this point. Rather, the emphasis should be on recruiting EVERYONE interested in upsetting the unhealthy game board being used to play The Current Game. The Traditional Game which has gotten us here. I am playing the role of Kevin McCarthy in the ‘56 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, organizing instead of screaming in the streets. The question, I guess, is… what role are you playing?