The Big Queasy

by Richard Oxman

Let’s ease into a new kind of Labor Day.

But before the Gumbo Aftermath is Secondary News, you should use the math before you. Do the math regarding this nauseating, hazardous, full of doubt dilemma, destruction.

Instruction won’t help. Neither will false solidarity, hope, numbers which don’t exist.

Whilst Norman Solomon urges us to write to authorities protesting the presence of the LA and MS National Guard in Iraq,and Amy Goodman outlines ad nauseum the environmental racism which Katrina has exposed, the Cindy Sheehanites prepare to put the lights out in DC.

Really? A rising up? Do the math. And not afterwards.

I’m not after words here. I’m asking you to look at your soul.

The hole of New Orleans should include adjacent holes in the media, but it doesn’t. And it never will. And you will never contribute to correcting it. That’s a step above saying you’ll never correct it, if you didn’t notice.

There’s a troop in Iraq?
Toxic soup in the Bayou?
Out of the loop these looters?
Or are they on target?
And shouldn’t they be left alone?
Smarter and better than Walmarters carting off what must be theirs now.
Now that no one’s asking why there was no Leavitt levee talk till now.
No contingency plans…revealed.
Know that this was no exclusive Act of Godzooks looking at the shoddily (un)done levees
Peals of sick laughter over this being our punishment for what we’ve been doing overseas (much worse) for years, continuing to do as I write. As you read.
Deed payback from Mother E?
Y’know, I see…I hear those crustaceans at the Cajun restaurant never were edible
The headwaters of the Mississippi never credibly clear
For years more full of mercury plus super(under)fun(dead)
Puss now oozing to the surface of surfeited America
Inexorably headed for much greater mini-catastrophes, spearheading them
American is now a synonym for Obese, Calamity Incarnate
A weight on everyone
Waiting for the No Go Dough mo’ from your doughty soul

Cancel your subscription to Z Magazine, and stop paying Counterpunch good money to tell you to not listen to Fox News. Read them while they last (for the good article here and there), but don’t support them. Don’t think for one minute more that they must go on with Democracy Now! Get rid of them all from your day. You don’t have to labor over 2 plus 2 being 4.

Don’t wait for the Red (Whiteand/orBlue) Cross.

Start a new glorious, laborious day away from the well-intentioned, politically well-groomed, and see what happens. Howl in all the halls.

It’ll make you uneasy only for a moment.

Richard Oxman is His recent writing is at