From Astrodome Refugee Interviews: One Black Note

by Richard Oxman

At 8400 Kirby Drive in Houston the Astos no longer play…but the scorecard just came in with the busloads from New Orleans. No mere bleating this time.

The arrivals are almost all dark-skinned, hoary and hoarse with the endless pains. Very plain issues. But the single biggest buzz among our newest wetbacks (blacks) is that the Bush administration diverted repair $$$ from the Dead City’s levee improvement kitty, making the avoidable inevitable. For Iraq funding…and “security.”

What you won’t hear discussed much, if at all, on mainstream outlets is what they talked about on the ride.

They feel they’ve been taken for a ride, and that the momentum is being set up for that scam to continue.

But they — enough of them — intend to do something very dark to counteract that official force. Darker than the looting being spotlighted (for transparent reasons). More black than anything the well-intentioned will see, let alone acknowledge, as they write their relief checks.

Even if the Recession Europeans are predicting gets to us first (and worldwide Depression follows), the aphotic depths of depravity now let loose will come home to roost like prodigious poultry with avian flu…the most virulent kind. And turn out many lights.

There’s a Black Meeting…a bleeding we can no longer avoid.

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