Party of Persephone

NOTE: This is an archived site. EVERYTHING here is very dated. Articles — all — are written now and then for highly select readers, for particular purposes. Not knowing proper context can be puzzling or misleading, even off-putting. So… please not read anything here which has not been recommended to you. What’s below is UNEDITED. This was written primarily for Maya and Barry and their two grown sons and every single loved one of them all.

Party of Persephone
by Izzy Imagination

“What is madness,” asked another poet, Theodore Roethke, “but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance?” — taken the morning of Sunday, November 27, 2011 from

Nobility of soul
, yes.

How about the Party of Imagination? TOSCA, Transforming Our State of California is okay too. It’ll be fun to go back and forth with like-minded souls about what to call the ticket to ride into a new realm. I’m not attached to this particular project, so I’m certainly not attached to any given name. Just make sure that you leave me out of the spotlight; don’t put Ox anything into the mix. Whatever, the important thing is to do something which follows a fresh paradigm. And I think that the Spectors* are what Rumi would have recommended for our living on the lip of insanity. [Pause.] Something like that.

*Spectors, schmectors. They seem to be the loveliest of souls, and the serendipity surrounding how I came across them delights me. But, truth be told, they resonate only as possible candidates for the coalition delineated below. Their entire family could be included on the TENTATIVE LIST OF TWELVE CANDIDATES I want to put together ASAP, or none of them… have to be in the gubernatorial group. The thing is, I would like to give this whole shebang a chance to breathe at the earliest possible convenience of one and all, and — in the spirit of Frost who said “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches” — I say emphatically without ever having met Barry or Maya, without having the benefit of even having read through their accomplishments, etc. — One could do worse than have a Governor Spector at the helm.

From an old frantic set of very dated blah blah, created in the midst of horrendous rain and rush, I give you what’s directly below as one possible prescription for seizing the reins of significant power with masks and a sense of fun, legally and nonviolently.

Features of TOSCA:

Special note: Few citizens realize that we have deadlines. Fewer understand to what degree a Governor or California can act UNILATERALLY, creating a watershed in history virtually overnight. Even lower numbers know how easy it would be to secure the Sacred Seat of Sacramento , how much fun. And, apparently, no one knows that/how it can be achieved on a zero budget. This is where imagination and music come into play.

1. Twelve unaffiliated*, non-politician citizens to serve as Governor of California (together, on an equal basis, with the elected working figurehead Governor and the elected working figurehead Lieutenant Governor).

*If you look for political parties in the U.S. Constitution you won’t find any. Recall that the Framers disdained the very notion, warning that political parties simply invite factionalism and could create all sorts of mischief and civil strife. How prescient they were! The U.S. was governed for over 20 years before the first political parties emerged. What this suggests is that all political parties are constitutionally out of bounds and ought to be eliminated. Career interests inevitably interfere with healthy decision-making for The Commons. TOSCA imagines the benefits of having a dozen citizens serving the public interest, in lieu of having a single, self-serving careerist at the helm (once again!).

2. Gubernatorial write-in campaign to be waged without any fund raising. [It is vital that we demonstrate what can be accomplished without money, in an effort to confront our main challenges... which are apathy, resignation, ignorance, cynicism and atomization.] A write-in candidate status would also do away with the necessity of collecting vast numbers of signatures in order to be eligible for election.

3. All decision-making and negotiations during tenure would be televised for public consumption on The Governor’s Channel, communications not contingent upon mainstream media outlets, their editing.

4. Direct 24×7 public access to members of gubernatorial team, or one of their professional advisers. No generic forms of communication used. The adviser group will have high profile figures worldwide, including (most likely) Devinder Sharma and A. Roy (India), Ishmael Reed (U.S.), Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (U.S.), Jennifer Loewenstein (Gaza/U.S.), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Henry Giroux (Canada), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Keith Harmon Snow (Congo/U.S.), Chellis Glendinning (now in Bolivia) and Gustavo Esteva (Mexico). In effect, none of our gubernatorial coalition will have to be expert in any given field. A LIST OF LOCAL ADVISERS — WELL-ACQUAINTED WITH ISSUES WHICH CONCERN YOU — IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST; do ask, however, why people from India and Oakland, California head the tentative list provided above.

5. THIS, LIKE SO MUCH ELSE IN THIS TELEGRAPHIC SOUND BITE, WAS WRITTEN PRIOR TO THE BROWN/WHITMAN CONTEST OF 2010. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALTHOUGH THE FIGURES FOR TURNOUT WERE SLIGHTLY HIGHER IN 2010… THE MAIN POINT STILL HOLDS. THAT IS, ONE DOES NOT NEED A SINGLE VOTE FROM ANYONE WHO HAS VOTED RECENTLY TO CREATE A WATERSHED IN HISTORY… TO TAKE IMAGINATION, POETRY, MYTH, MASKS AND ALL SWEET ART FROM THE PERIPHERY OF OUR EXISTENCE… AND PLACE THEM ALL IN THE CORE. Priorities include much of what has been delineated by the Peace and Freedom Party Platform (, the Libertarian Party, the Socialist Party and the Green Party. HOWEVER, we have significant differences* with those parties, ALL THIRD PARTIES being permanently marginalized, as things stand… for easily understandable reasons. We would ask members of those parties to support our gubernatorial candidate in one particular gubernatorial effort. That said, our campaign plan for securing votes does not require the support of any of the 39% who turned out for the California gubernatorial contest time before last. Technically, one could secure the gubernatorial office with the 50% to 60% of eligible voters who have given up totally. Details concerning how votes could be secured are available upon request. JUST AS IMPORTANT: We could create a watershed in history even in a failed campaign which garnered only a million votes, for that would represent more than double what ALL THIRD PARTIES have ever received in a given gubernatorial election. Elaboration on that point, upon request.

*It is instructive to note that we do not have to be concerned with members of our coalition having peripheral differences regarding issues. In fact, we don’t have to be concerned with even major differences of opinion. For our collective situation is so bad that if we do not secure some significant reins of power to produce needed institutional changes — something which will never come about with our present “reform attitudinal set” (which is, inappropriately, set at the pace of an arthritic snail) — all is lost. Meaning, we do not want to replace a black bishop with a red rook, don’t want a green pawn in lieu of a white one. Our goal is to upset the game board on which the current political scam in being played on the public. I am not attached to this particular TOSCA plan, but I don’t see any other options for doing so on the table at present. The TOSCA effort represents an attempt to honor all of the good work that is being done in various corners — of all political stripes — whilst, simultaneously, trying to do something in solidarity on a macroscopic scale which involves holding major power, great potential for influencing and involving those outside of the state.

6. Governor’s alternative media outlet will vigorously, repeatedly and creatively help the public to self-educate, as noted above. This is a crucial element in bringing about meaningful, lasting change. For TOSCA will rise or fall on whether or not the public’s creative juices are stimulated, encouraging the great positive potential which resides in the souls of all citizens. The Governor’s Channel — for the first time in history — will help walk citizens through the necessary steps* for applying unprecedented pressure on representatives who cling to the status quo; TOSCA will educate the public about activism which follows a new paradigm for change.

*Whilst dancing and singing to unprecedented music in the Sacred Halls of Sacramento.

7. There will be ongoing discussion respecting the likelihood of electoral fraud in any gubernatorial election which might be won by a radical third party. We intend to have a plan in place which will counteract any attempt to circumvent legitimate results. In short, win or lose, we will be organized to push our program through direct action, incorporating the citizen participation necessary to make a difference. [As noted before, it is noteworthy that if a million votes are secured even in a loss, such an accomplishment would represent DOUBLE what ALL third parties ever garnered COMBINED in any given gubernatorial contest in the union in U.S. history; even that would establish an unprecedented spotlight for creating change.]

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