The Afrodome Drone

Mau Mau 1952
Mau Mau 1952

by Richard Oxman

Psst! You gotta come in here, this way. Shhh. Yah, this is the backdoor, but we’re all brothers. Lights out, Elmwood.

This here’s Ismail. Just came in by boat — a perfect time, ey? — from Haiti. Ain’t the only one either, if you catch my drift. Yah, no one’s gonna be pushin’ for no documentation. “Used to live on Main Streeet,” you say…”everythin’ got washed away.”

See, we’re glad you’re here, hope you’ll recruit some other of your nat’chral kind ’cause all that shit’s in, on the scorecard. What? The nuclear shit. All that about how they didn’t know what was gonna come down, couldn’t predict the scenario. They’re gonna be sayin’ the same thing after all these other places are made uninhabitable. Truly uninhabitable.

Didn’t know this, didn’t know that. Bullshit, it’s all on the books, all part of the “historical record,” as they say. And that’s why we needs you. Gotta begin putting an end to this…one way or another. Or just go you own way you like. You think I really care?

I just not dumb or lazy like they thinks. (Pause) If youse cut ‘em though, cut ‘em bad like a Mau Mau.

There’s Man’well…from Cuba; his people got his people out of their ‘cane last year — over a million evacuated — no deaths.

Here, use this paste. Get dark…like us, like Gumbo there. Where they won’t know who you are, where you goin’. Take one from Elmwood, go ahead. (Pause) Goood choice of piece, mon. You wiggin’ me out!

Welcome home to the Afrodome.

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Mau Mau 1952
Mau Mau 1952