Invitation to Sarah Naugle and Her Mom

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Invitation to Sarah Naugle and Her Mom
by Oxman, and dedicated the piano player on Apeman

The Good Times rag of Santa Cruz recently published an article by April M. Short which focused on the efforts, feelings and accomplishments of UCSC student-journalist Sarah Naugle… and some comments by Sarah’s mom. This is an invitation to them both to meet me ASAP for the purpose of discussing the points below. For an in person rendezvous will enable us to talk about matters which cannot be posted here.

Who has time during the holidays? Me neither, though I work at this 24×7. [Pause.] This is just by way of explaining the form used below.

I have the story of the year (2012) for you dear Sarah, an exclusive. You and your mom can decide whether or not I’m being spot on about this, and then — contingent upon your invaluable green lights — you can share the whole kit and kaboodle with April M. Short… and let the whole shebang take off on its own natural momentum… culminating in Amy Goodman inviting you onto Democracy Now!… leading to, I imagine, virtually every OCCUPY nook and cranny in the nation picking the schtick up, and running with it to such a degree that counterparts abroad will be encouraged, motivated to do their version of the dance.

Ideally, I’d like to get this ball rolling prior to Xmas… so that people can discuss the vibrations with their folks across the table during family gatherings… during a time when Love & Peace fill so much of the air, hot and otherwise. But I’ll work with what transpires, at whatever pace is imposed.


necessitated a reexamination of our nation’s academic, economic and law enforcement systems
Occupy activities and “overzealous” police response have NOT forced a reexamination of any kind to any great degree among the vast majority of what are being labeled as comprising the 99%. On my block in Felton I can find some reexamination, but it is minimal… and truly peripheral among local concerns in Felton, and throughout Santa Cruz County even… the reputation of which, of course, would lead one to believe otherwise. I mean, I’m well aware of the fact that good, necessary seeds have been planted, and some serious discussions have ensured in the short term. I even realize that certain citizens have put on a new hat, so to speak, taking part in stuff that they previously wouldn’t have even considered. That the creativity of longtime activists has been stimulated, and that what that’ll lead to can’t really be known yet. That said, by any standards, there’s way way way too much self-congratulatory blah blah going on associated with the OCCUPY activities, which should receive a more sober evaluation. This is NOT to say that one and all shouldn’t proceed with plans being contemplated or set in motion as of this writing. Rather, it is to say that someone needs to sit down and discuss all of this from a fresh, disinterested angle. Objective is the word that journalists usually bandy about in the scenario I”m calling for. [Pause.] Try me.

creating a stronger movement
Let’s define our terms, please. For our collective good. What is stronger? And what is no different whatsoever from a number of protests, strikes from the past… both recent and distant? I submit that if Sarah and her mom and/or Ms. Short and/or any other interested parties force themselves to come up with two truly distinct vertical columns over this… well, we’ll see. [Pause.] Coffee, tea, milk or organic juice is on me. Try me.

a series of hard police actions
The brutality, of course, is an abomination. The thing is, I don’t know if anyone has noticed the degree to which the police actions were met with expressions of surprise. I mean, shock… not at the physical cruelty and the like, but… shock at the fact that such scenarios came down. I am trying to address the naivete here, not the righteous indignation. Let’s take it a bit further: Why was anyone surprised to any degree? [Pause.] The good news for my darling newspaper people and all others is that I have a way to keep law enforcement in California from ever again taking such liberties without historic consequences. I know that “ever again” are a bit presumptuous, but… try me. For like that lead journalist in The Insider… I follow through. Ah, Lowell Berman… that’s who it was.

Mayor Jean Quan allowed protesters to re-establish… tents.
C’mon… is this supposed to represent some kind of plus? A noteworthy victory? Perhaps for sophomores, not for someone whose first activist experience took place in 1949 when he was seven-years-old.

The Society of Professional Journalists condemned….
I’ll be blunt. At this juncture… SO WHAT?! PLEASE… try me. My patience is certainly being tried ad infinitum with all these victories. It’s as if people are so disappointed, disgusted with their broken hearts — courtesy of Obama’s broken promises — that they’ve felt compelled to compensate with good news of their own, albeit overblown.

noting that it would be dangerous
Yes, good for Sarah’s mom anticipating that. That said, there’s much more to be said about how to accomplish what has been accomplished to date (and beyond) WITHOUT such blood, so many broken bones… and broken other things. Yes, it was and is all very scary. And more than what’s being talked about — which should be talked about NOW — in any progressive or radical or right corner.

they’re misrepresenting things
We are documenting ourselves to death with comments such as this ‘cross the board. ‘Lo and behold, the mainstream press is disingenuous! Let’s see exactly how many different ways I can say this. And for how many decades. Then, why don’t we keep on doing the same IN LIEU OF TAKING MEANINGFUL ACTION WHICH FOLLOWS A NEW PARADIGM? Side note: Yes, we have an obligation. I’d like to help define what that is. One crucial point to address is which obsolete paradigms we are — whether we are journalists or not — devoting primary or exclusive energies to. Francis Ford Coppola told me long ago during an exclusive interview on the Peggy Sue Got Married — in response to my question of what was most important for a director — “A director has to husband his resources.” Well, activists have to do the same. Another side note: What I am going to propose to Sarah & Co. will not cost a dime.

not 3,000. It was closer to eight or 10,000.
The point being…?

the Kerr Hall occupation at UCSC in 2009
This I must speak to Sarah & Co. about in confidence. This should, actually, be the very first thing we discuss if we meet, I believe.

a long, long, long process.
Yes, some things do take time. On the other hand, some things could have (and should have) been done yesterday, and must be done today or tomorrow. There is too little acknowledgment of exactly what deadlines we face, and too much lumping everything into a pile labeled We’re Fighting the Good Fight, See Us?

There’s always going to be something to report on with this.
Yes. But there is NOW something to do which follows a new paradigm for action. To create a watershed in history.