Robeson, Zinn, Landau and Glover….

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Robeson, Zinn, Landau and Glover…. …for The Cuban Five
by Oxman

This is about taking unprecedented action, securing the reins of significant power, influence.

When he was only twenty-seven-years-old, Howard Zinn took his pregnant wife and two-year-old daughter to what turned out to be the infamous 1949 Paul Robeson Peekskill concert. I attended the same event as a seven-year-old with my family.

We didn’t meet then, but we both experienced enough violence to last a lifetime.

Decades later — about two years before Howard’s death — I secured his imprimatur for TOSCA, a project which follows a new paradigm for action in the electoral arena. His green light, I believe, had a lot to do with TOSCA’s potential for reducing violence in the world. He hoped that others would give their testimonials too, and join me proactively in solidarity. In passing, he mentioned that he thought Danny Glover might do well as TOSCA’s figurehead candidate. [See description of TOSCA below if you are short on time, or plow through the previous posting on this site... if you have lots of time and patience and interest in convoluted writing.]

Sound Bites of Select TOSCA Features:

1a. Twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens serving as Governor of California on an equal basis in lieu of having a self-serving careerist at the helm; one figurehead candidate for whom citizens could give their write-in vote. All chosen through grassroots participation.

1b.. Give all local citizens doing good work in limited quarters/with limited scope — little corners — an opportunity to move in solidarity on a macroscopic level… securing significant say, control.

2. Virtually no signatures required to be in the electoral loop.

3. Campaign waged on a ZERO BUDGET.

4. Viable plans for circumventing electoral fraud, legally and nonviolently.

5. Guarantee to garner at least DOUBLE WHAT ALL THIRD PARTIES TOGETHER HAVE EVER SECURED IN A GIVEN GUBERNATORIAL CONTEST IN ANY STATE, making use of the ongoing national/international spotlight even in an electoral loss.

6. Masks, comedy, music and sensuality would all be employed in presenting the first gubernatorial contest in the context of ecstatic politics. [Some version of Maria Doyle Kennedy in a mask or not with, say, the appropriate musicians (or whatever) backing her up would make most electoral scenarios a no contest; see me for elaboration/clarification... but you do know, I know, that full-blooded Aretha in her prime would have slam dunked... any pale careerist.]

7. International participation, including world-class “experts” in advisory capacities.

8. Official communications conducted via the governor’s own media outlet exclusively, helping the public to self-educate expeditiously, in unprecedented fashion. This goes hand in hand with a pledge to provide the public with live access to ALL discussions and negotiations between their representatives and all others; absolutely no closed doors… ever.

9. Not significantly take participants away from their present primary priorities; support such agendas.

10. “HOW” all this could be accomplished can be delineated and/or discussed upon request.

The above is truly telegraphic, and demands discussion. That said, there is enough delineated, I believe, for Saul Landau and Danny Glover to see how their concerns for The Cuban Five could be addressed with TOSCA; see ez-compare-gross-case-with-cuban-5-by-saul-landau. Pressure applied via the CA Guv’s own media channel could, I am convinced, do wonders. [Elaboration upon request.]

Saul Landau is capable of filming the campaign, and doing a lot more on behalf of this Zinn-inspired project. Perhaps he and Danny will join Noam Chomsky and Anthony Arnove in honoring Howard’s legacy… using TOSCA as a point of departure.

So that we all don’t wind up merely documenting ourselves to death.

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