The Zinn Institute Party (ZIP)

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The Zinn Institute Party (ZIP)
by Oxman

It is no time — there is no time — to greet the turbulence in our social and economic life as an occasion to seek refuge in the interiority of the psyche or the home. Neither is it appropriate to be picking up weapons with bunker mentality, or to be retreating into self-congratulatory activist work which takes place in little corners here and there. No matter how well-intentioned. Regardless of how many microscopic inroads are carved out from our collective challenges of granite. Dame Nature alone demands that we acknowledge the deadlines associated with our environmental degradation — truly connected to our social and economic life — yesterday. AND… that we do something in solidarity… which follows a fresh paradigm on a macroscopic level.

ALL OF THE ABOVE, I REALIZE, BEGS FOR ELABORATION. You can contact me at at your earliest convenience for that purpose. I will then give you my phone number, and we can talk at any hour you choose. For I am all about moving expeditiously on this.

I saw Get Low last night. It’s a solid film, worthwhile. And it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as, say, Tree of the Wooden Clogs. They are very decent films, beautiful works with deep souls. Both at the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum from abominations such as Margin Call, which, for one, simply compound ignorance with ignorance, guaranteeing our demise. [Pause.] The dominant mode today in all the arts.

The Zinn Institute Party intends to put glorious zip into all aspects of our lives, including the aesthetic dimension. So… if anyone is not interested in activism or politics or anything associated with those realms, I trust you still have a reason for contacting me.

Blessings, Your Ox.

Some readers will recall that an 18th century political theorist and statesman, Edmund Burke, said, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Today, I believe that it is necessary to underscore that all that is necessary for life to become not worth living is for good people to do too little too late.

Any party — of the political or holiday variety — hopefully should be fun. That said, the two major mainstream parties are not worthy of our heartbeats (to say the least), and all third parties are — as things stand — permanently marginalized. Not much fun (or any other kind of) potential there. I trust that ZIP will provide the necessary zip in our lives, locally and beyond. Would that make us all Zippers?