Triple T, Triple Threat: Teens Taking a Turn

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Triple T, Triple Threat: Teens Taking a Turn
Dedicated to giving gang members a reason to twist the wrist of this world differently, giving the rest of us… a rest, hope.
by Ox

“If you let all the gang members out of prison at once, and they tried their best to do the most possible damage to society for a full year, they couldn’t do a fraction of the damage that is inflicted on society weekly by white collar criminals and weak politicians.” — the author’s twelve-year-old home schooled son

Our use of language is like a cracked kettle on which we bang out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we need to move the very stars to pity. I pray on bended knees for the opportunity to help us all begin to dance to a new tune, one which will bring a smile to the skies, usher in a fresh face for our collective challenges. Together…. O bailan todos o no baile nadie, the Uruguayan Tupamaros taught me in the 60s. Today… for those notes to be played… vigorously, repeatedly and creatively… so that there can be ecstatic joy in dancing midst of our momentum and the muck we have made of this heaven on earth… I submit that the only beginning that can be found lies in not labeling. For labeling removes the unpleasantness of actually having to deal with people and things. It is dismissive. The seemingly easy way out. It won’t do. [Pause.] I need you to put some heartbeats aside, to get off of the crazy-making carousel and talk with me… for the purpose of The Dance. Why we are here on this Mother Earth. [Pause.] Gangs are not what the authorities say they are, what they want you to believe they are.

It is time to take over the definition. To take a new turn. In solidarity with teens. They need to be given significant reins of power, to learn how to secure it, that is.. With advisers in the wings — yes — but real control over their own destinies for once. The TTT trip, as I call it should turn that trick. I will be honored to delineate the whole shebang upon request. But in a leisurely setting. Not with a sound bite. Maybe we can start with your reviewing the unedited blah blah below. It is intentionally designed to try your patience, to test your willingness to pursue thought which is not telegraphic. To undermine your basic ground of understanding, the labeling you use routinely.

So-called at risk youngsters need band-aids, yes. They do need immediate “rescue” from daily pressures, help with health, money and other matters. But the source of the bleeding has to be stopped. With all due respect to those well-intentioned citizens devoting precious heartbeats to dealing with the problems of teens, however, it’s a facile approach to a complex problem to put one’s primary or exclusive focus on the need for education.

I’ve been an educator on all levels worldwide for over four decades, and — as per — you can see that if one is trying to address issues associated with poverty “education” does not put those matters to bed.

Teens, whilst continuing to receive guidance and encouragement in the realm of self-education, need to take over more aspects of their lives. Many drop-outs who have joined up with gangs for economic and social reasons need to question the value of trying to carve out a worthwhile, satisfying existence by hooking into money-centered activity and/or bonding with brothers and sisters who are essentially all caught up with a simple-minded response to oppression and immiseration. The attitudinal set which is born of poverty and abuse must be channeled elsewhere, otherwise.

But gang members cannot be appealed to with pleas drawn from the usual suspects, authority figures in various quarters who expect them to acclimate to an unacceptable status quo. No, those fighting for survival and self-confidence and pleasure (as we all do) in strained circumstances, dangerous environments and in the context of deadly traditions need to seize reins of significant power, reins which they know in their bones are denied them, reins which — as wielded — always make sure that they are kept in their place.

If anyone thinks that the spot-on solution to the horror inflicted by gangs lies in the realm of greater law enforcement and punishment, they should consider why those kind of illegal activities will NEVER stop as long as abominations such as NAFTA and our so-called Drug War and overseas military adventures continue incessantly. Is there any out there, among readers of this piece, who can take the time to discuss the “positive” correlation I am talking about here? Or are all readers of a mind that moves them to pigeon-hold gang members and all illegal activity with labels, so that they do not have to take the time to educate themselves about other viewpoints, so that they do not have to devote any heartbeats to discussing anything new, possibly learning something fresh, that… maybe… might make them reconsider their longstanding, unwarranted, highly damaging view of the world?

I’m available, obviously, to address the above in detail upon request. Where is my invitation? I’ve already received no response whatsoever to my offers in Salinas, Watsonville, San Juan Batista, and elsewhere. Perhaps Santa Rosa will be different. I hope so, for I firmly believe that TTT can make a world of difference… if the adults who are trying to assist teens — save them from what threatens them, what is killing them — provide true alternatives.

In no special order, adults can:

1. Turn over a new leaf, by treating teen challenges with new parameters, or at least question the limited ways in which they go about dealing with teen troubles.

2. Test the claims of authorities respecting the need for a Drug War whilst simultaneously taking the time to learn how much is being spent and how little is being achieved as things stand. Test the validity of legitimate alternatives to the status quo approach too. Learn what they are. Learn where the money being spent at present is really going. Make possible a different take on this crucial issue.

3. Try to consider what it means to train youngsters to enter the job market today when America is in decline vs. what it took in decades past… when our decline was not a guaranteed fact of life, when macroscopic/international threats were not the fact of life that they are today. I submit that because adults in the social services — for the most part — are ignorant about what’s happening (partly as a function of deriving their news from mainstream sources), and are making their contribution along the exact same lines as their counterparts did in, say, the 60s. Those lines, I say, are obsolete.

4. Threaten (confront) the powers that be with a new paradigm for supporting teens, one which takes teens out of the automatic consumer loop, the destructive greed syndrome, and places them at a far remove from the terrible terror which we impose on helpless others worldwide. In solidarity with what teens really want, what their dreams tell them to wish for.

The play on “T” above, granted, is a bit silly. Especially in the context of addressing highly serious and dangerous matters as I am here. However, I want to underscore the importance of maintaining a light attitude whilst trying to create what would amount to a watershed in history.

Take the time. Try me. Test me. Don’t turn away… back into your comfort zone. You have very little to lose with me. And I trust that I will be able to serve as an unprecedented asset for your purposes, a treasure.

Blessings in solidarity,

P.S. Remind me to describe TOSCA to you, if you contact me. The acronym stands for Taking Over the State of California… or Transforming Our State of California. Apple, based in California, pulls in over $100 billion dollars a year, but pays zero tax to our collective coffers. Why is that? And why is it that we — simultaneously — teach our youngsters to pay their fair share, to be responsible, to pay their debts to society? This is one of a thousand similar sets of questions which need to — at the very least — to be posed in the presence of youngsters. Not the least of which has to do with lifestyle. To acknowledge what they know subliminally, what we refuse to acknowledge* at all in any meaningful way. Toward the day when we can say we are true social advocates for youth.

*My family, just back from Europe, learned that France — at great expense — pulled out all Wi-Fi from its national library system and its educational institutions because of recent definitive research which has come in concerning EMF radiation. That research is virtually not even discussed in the U.S. And it is only one of many, many matters which are life and death issues, vastly more threatening than the gang violence which receives a daily spotlight. Matters ignored because of a bottom line which takes precedence over our well-being. Clearly, gang-related issues need to be put into a fresh perspective.