CYO and NVC Taking Over With….

NOTE: This is an archived site. That said, I can’t keep from posting article now and then. Little is edited these days, the words bursting out from my veins unfiltered, offering up first drafts only. Each and every piece is directed at a specific audience, for particular purposes. Not knowing context can be very confusing, off-putting. Ideally, only read what’s recommended to you. That said, anyone glancing at this might do well to check out the previous two postings… IF this blah blah resonates at all. I have a very detailed action to delineate for you if it does. Something that follows a fresh paradigm. Embedded in today’s equivalent to Copernicus’ noting that the heavens were oriented differently than the way in which it was commonly conceived. With the added angle that — unlike Copernicus — I fully intend to undermine the powers that be. [Pause.] In solidarity. Not have the word creep out… out of fear. For this whole shebang is not about replacing white rooks with red ones or black bishops with green pieces. Rather, it is about upending the game board with joy. That slanted board which has been cleverly placed next to a thick brick wall, against which you are trained to bang your own head. [Pause.] Yes, this is about much more than even institutional change. And it will certainly be much too much for anyone who thinks that everything’s good enough right now and/or that things are slated to get better soon enough, or should not essentially be changed. LAKE COUNTY LIBRARY STAFF SHOULD READ THE PREVIOUS POST, NOT THIS ONE.

CYO and NVC Taking Over With….
Dedicated to NVC’s Betty Malmgren, and Ron Soto and Pastor Ortiz of CYO
by The Ox

All career politicians, in my mind, are guilty until proven innocent. Guilty of what? Guilty of putting personal interests above the communal good — too often — when push comes to shove. Does that resonate? I, for one, don’t have a doubt about that being a healthy outlook… for starters. And to not embrace that attitude is to lay oneself open to putting too many eggs into baskets which have no intention of allowing anything to be born. At least not anything that is significant, ongoing and beautiful.

Anyway, as everyone worth their salt knows, the electoral arena has many, many disgusting downsides. That said, however, since I want to make a difference on a macroscopic level as soon as possible, and create institutional change legally and nonviolently… I have been forced to consider what fresh paradigm could be used in that ugly realm… for the collective good.

Here goes.

You start with youngsters — teens and those thereabouts… with that precious energy — and you involve their entire communities. The citizens who don’t want the plague of gang warfare momentum to continue. Parents who want their kids to excel in education. Anyone who sees the horror which envelops us all, in the form of environmental degradation, societal priorities all out of whack, as if we had our heads, hearts and souls screwed on backwards. And so on.

And so it goes, my reaching out to one and all in this vein. So it has gone thus far. Words, words, words. But there is something that can be done. Right away. Today. For those who have imagination. For those who have had it up to here. Up to here. And on that note, I will bring together musicians, comedians, dancers and poets… singers, what have you. Ordinary citizens who think they have no talent, no hope. I say, I will do that, but I am not important in the least. No one needs me to do so. And I only insist on being involved in the whole shebang ’cause it’ll be fun, and ’cause it is what I was born to do. [Pause.] I’m not talking about this or that political agenda, by the way. Rather, I’m wanting to see something — anything — have a shot at really changing.

Oh, if you embrace my particular political orientation, you will see more money placed in educational coffers, more immiserated souls taking advantage of those funds, and many incarcerated released from prisons, among other things, as per the list at However, again, what I’d like to see happen is not the bottom line here. Upending that chess board is the focus.

The gubernatorial coalition which I make reference to in the above link/article could be comprised of CYO teens and NVC students for starters. The dozen could make up a tentative list. But being on it at the outset could serve as a great motivator and an irresistible topic of discussion… 24 hours a day. The list — the thrust of what it’s about — could inspire citizens to overcome their apathy, cynicism, habits, resignation, ignorance and atomization. And if that happened with even a small core number of people, we could create a watershed in history.

And what would constitute “a watershed in history”?

Taking over that densely frustrated (essentially) spiritual frustration, and redirecting it. Taking over that reservoir of moral sensibility which has been blocked. AND taking over the hands-on, all-important rare, precious resources which have not been — for far too long — husbanded for the communal good, which are being dissipated… ecocidally… suicidally.

Taking over significant reins of power.

Spiritually. With a sense of morality. And with a feral focus on the hard stuff. Like competent medical care. Holistic dental care. Organic hot tamales. Hot music instruction. Heavenly mass transportation. Ecstatic employment. With free get-out-of-jail passes. And the like. [Pause.] And so on.

Taking over.

TOSCA stands for Taking Over the State of California. Or the acronym can mean Transforming Our State of California. [Pause.] Nah, “taking over.” [Ask me about it, please.]

Yes, taking over.

With twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens serving on an equal basis as Governor of California in lieu of our having another self-serving careerist at the helm. [Details upon request.]

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