Coffee Comments on California Youth Outreach and Release

THIS IS UNEDITED. This is also an archived site, and the pieces posted were all written for specific purposes, targeting select readers. Without original context the articles will seem puzzling, or even off-putting. I suggest that you only look at what was recommended to you personally. If you would prefer to talk instead of read, feel free to contact me at, and I will provide a telephone number. SPECIAL NOTE: Incarcerated Services for Youth is a special area of interest to me. In part ’cause I figure I can easily end much of the horror in the realm virtually overnight. How? That begs for discussion in leisurely circumstances; I do not want to sound bite what I have been working on for many years. But I can say this now. That is, the TOSCA project (which would be the point of departure for such action, transformation) has built into it the potential to inspire youth caught up with unhealthy lifestyles to focus elsewhere. On, say, securing real reins of power for themselves. And in doing so they would, unquestionably, be participating in a huge snowball effect… that would culminate in providing invaluable experiences for leadership, increasing self-confidence, inspiring one and all in the process. I mean there would be nothing better for most of those who are incarcerated than to be… released, and to take part in activity which leads to releasing others. A lot of white faces, but…. Skip the ad in 5 seconds. FORGIVE ME FOR USING HISPANIC INSTEAD OF LATINO IF THE LATTER IS YOUR PREFERENCE.

Coffee Comments on California Youth Outreach and Release
by The Ox

From… with comments over morning coffee:

“California Youth Outreach is dedicated to reaching out to all gang impacted youth, families and their communities by means of education services, intervention programs and resource opportunities that support a positive and healthy lifestyle.”

I can offer educational experiences — classroom study, field trips, travel opportunities, etc. — which would be of the highest value for one and all. That would include a focus on food, of course, which has such a positive correlation to… everything. I could go door to door to reach out, to encourage members of the community to participate, not depend on flyers or generic announcements of any kind.

“Mentoring Services: Expose youth to alternative lifestyles, opportunities and new positive adult relationships.”

I could secure mentors for the organization

“Community Service Projects: Provide leadership opportunities to plan and participate in giving back to others through community service projects.”

Through the TOSCA project, designed to ‘Transform Our State of California’, leadership ops would abound. A fresh study of the community’s history — its roots — would serve as a foundation for forging ahead in the electoral arena, with all eyes on securing public funds for service projects and much more. Medical professionals and dental professionals could be enticed to make visits to the community, or to open their doors on a new basis for those in need.

“Social/Recreation: Provide opportunities to participate in pro-social activities and outings to learn about and appreciate new healthy leisure/education activities, social and nature settings.”

I could organize — with the help of people who are passionate about the outdoors and Mother Nature — visits to natural settings. In the process of becoming more exposed to the environment, many students could get inspired to pursue studies in related disciplines. And unique means for addressing current crises in that field could be encouraged, supported. Youngsters could be inspired to secure the participation of others along lines which follow a fresh paradigm. New social relationships would surely develop based on healthy like-minded interests.

“Personal Development/Support Groups: Facilitate learning and practice of new personal and social life skills.”

There’s no better way to facilitate ‘learning’ and ‘practice’ than to be available for one and all 24×8. Not 24×7, but 24×8. This begs for discussion, of course. But the healthy starting point should be, I should think, is that I’m talking talk here that isn’t talked at all in other quarters. Unless people are dead in the water, this unconditional offer of service should resonate through the marrow. My good intentions and willingness to contribute to the common good regardless of cost should be jumped on.

Regarding School Based Services such as what’s delineated below, there is no substitute for acknowledgement — at the very start, from the very top of all contact — of the thrust of what’s outlined at

“Student/Parent Assistance: Provide services to students expelled/suspended from school or with other school behavior problems. Assist with alternative school placement and/or school re-entry process. Truancy Reduction: Provide direct assistance to students to improve attendance, motivation and school engagement. Conflict/Mediation: Provide one-on-one and group intervention, resolve student conflicts and prevent violence on campus. Gang Outreach: Reach out to students exhibiting gang involvement behaviors on campus and intervene to divert negative behaviors.”

Once the history and purpose of schooling in the U.S.A. is understood clearly, there is a chance to proceed to a place where those learning/reviewing the facts of educational life here can seriously consider alternatives to the tracks that the powers-that-be are constantly pushing, options over the obsolete career paths which are painted as most desirable. There would, then, be an opportunity to see through the cheer leading for the status quo, and to discuss employment possibilities which are more realistic and more desirable for youngsters today..

Wondering why there are no events scheduled on the calendar for 2012. Curious. Also, there seems to be a discrepancy between the address I was given for tomorrow’s rendezvous and what’s posted as the CYO address for Santa Rosa. No matter, those are other challenges which I can help with too.

I could go on and on, but I’ll take a breather for now. I’ll return to the CYO site, and prepare for my hour meeting with Ron Soto and Steve Velazquez at 11am Wednesday. Time permitting, I may add to the above.

Blessings in educational and community solidarity,
Ricardo Bueyhombre

P.S. This is all a singular approach, unmatched elsewhere in the country, I believe. And on top of this whole shebang is the fact that I could donate a very special library to CYO, with volumes, DVDs and CDs, etc. collected over four decades during my tenure in academia and while traveling worldwide. Among many other things, such a collection could serve as basis for fund raising.

Obviously, the wrong people are in jail