Breakthrough or Broken Down?

NOTE: THIS IS UNEDITED. PLEASE SEE THE INTRODUCTORY NOTES OF AT LEAST ONE PREVIOUS POSTING. I AM RUSHING THIS FRIDAY MORNING. None of the Latino people I’ve been in contact with recently should be reading this piece. Please scroll back until you reach the “Bang the Gang Quickly” and “Coffee Comments on California Youth Outreach and Release” articles. Gracias. SPECIAL UPDATE: Ah, zero response from the Breakthrough crowd as of midnight. No, no excuses. Someone warned me about them following my sending out missives, pleas for dialogue. Not 100% sure at this point that that person is 100% spot on about them, but… it certainly doesn’t look good, the prospect of respectful back and forth at this moment. That said, Jerome is still a potentially live wire. Don’t understand why my KBBF missives are being returned as undeliverable. We will see why. That will be a breakthrough, if we do. UPDATE AS OF 4:44pm, Saturday, February 25: I should not have written this piece. I just changed the title from Breakthrough? to Breakthrough or Broken Down? to be a bit clearer about the degree to which virtually all the people and organizations I’m reaching out to have broken down. Broken down in the sense of letting down their fellow citizens, the ones who — in many cases — they claim to be servicing, supporting. There are a few remaining irons in the activist fire in and around Santa Rosa’s Latino realm. We shall see. The signs are not good. I do pray that I am wrong. That there is more promise on the horizon. For I feel pregnant with energy, bursting at the seams, offering my first born, as it were, and the recipients of these vibrations seem to be turning to me and asking for the time of day. No. [Pause.] Let’s trust that my perception is off. I must have been very desperate to reach out to the Breakthrough people simply because I noted a connection with the Netherlands’ Jerome of Spearhead. Didn’t do my homework. That said, it’s instructive to be reminded of how few can be counted on…. One of the downsides of the Occupy Action has been its covering up that fact, that not being its intention notwithstanding. A highly select core group will be needed to start something fresh.

Breakthrough or Broken Down?
Dedicated to helping people to see what deadlines we have…. And to nia_prisoner …and to addressing all that’s related to such unnecessary horror.
by Ox

After being moved by tion-by-talita-soares, I wanted to reach Talita and/or her people. [Pause.] Why should that be made so very difficult?* I don’t use Facebook or the high tech gadgets that might make access easier, but why is such a message presented without easy access for one and all?

Anyway, cutting to the chase, in my attempt I somehow landed in the lap of Jerome of Roar Mag and Spearhead. Easy enough, I guess, but not ideal. For what it’s worth, it still took me several attempts before I received a gloriously good response from Jerome. [Pause.] Still — and this, I trust, will be highly instructive for one and all, in my very rushed message here — channels need to operate more efficiently, etc. And, I might add, they need to be OPEN in a big way 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Readers should ask themselves how many “core” revolutionaries – those asking for institutional change — are working less than 24×8. Yes, 24X8 is what is actually required to address the challenges posed by the powers that be and our collective momentum.

As I write, I’m fortunate enough to have Jerome of the Netherlands reviewing and related pieces… and my background at “All About Us” on the archived site… which should provide a decent personal intro of sorts… and make it crystal clear where I’m coming from at this very moment. [Pause.] I am NOT proceeding at an arthritic snail’s pace. I am NOT waiting for funds to be donated. I am NOT wasting heartbeats or anyone else’s time and energy on obsolete models for action.

I am fully expecting the people at Breakthrough to reach me — someone in that quarter — this morning. This should be a litmus test of sorts. For I know how rare my intentions, experience and insights are. And there’s no question that an organization such as Breakthrough should jump on what I’m — unconditionally — offering. At the very least, my energy should be nurtured… which would be tantamount, in this case, to Breakthrough husbanding its resources. Which we all must do, yes?

To create the watershed in history that’s being talked about. That Mother Earth is begging for, which all sweet souls seek.

Let’s see what we learn in the next few hours.

Like Rodney Dangerfield might have said if he weren’t simply a quietist comedian, “Take my life, please.”

Loving regards in deep solidarity,