Doughnut Move

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Doughnut Move
Dedicated to dealing with perceived ‘holes’ in the lives of activists… and quietists
by Ox

“When I think of ‘dough nuts’, I think of Officer Krupke and Homer Simpson.” — the author’s twelve-year-old home schooled son, a budding comedian

“Move to Amend is like a doughnut. It has a big hole in it.” — the author’s twelve-year-old son.

Am I missing something? Or are the people putting precious heartbeats into the Amend to Move schtick actually believing that — on bended knee, with petition in hand — career politicians are going to honor the good sense of their cry to deprive corporations of their personhood? [Or are they resigned to merely "fighting the good fight" (with no chance of 'success' seriously in mind, remotely believed?]

I’m all for planting seeds… even if nothing will bloom within one’s lifetime. That’s not the same as being for the planting of seeds which will not bloom sufficiently in time. Meaning, with regard to present (horrific) corporate momentum we have deadlines on some serious counts*. There’s, unquestionably, a serious countdown going down (dis)respecting a number of issues. But — all that aside — what kind of nutcase can possibly believe that one’s primary or exclusive means for bringing about change on the corporate front should be in the realm of corrupt (traditional) electoral politics? [Pause.] Perhaps I should be kinder with my language, even though the insanity I speak of IS crazy and crazy-making. Misguided, though, amounts to the same thing… in terms of results.

*My buddy Edwin Black has delineated a corporate abomination rooted in the past. The thing is, with regard to the deadlines I speak of, TODAY, WITH YOUR SILENCE AND SUPPORT we are witnessing equally horrific corporate acts daily which we will not be able to stop or reverse the consequences of unless we MOVE in urgent, unprecedented solidarity. The True cost of Oil — a 17′ video — shows one of a number of contemporary ‘challenges’ that represents horror on a scale that’s — by any standard — equivalent to the worst holocausts in history. Your corporate dollars at their routine work; corporations set the parameters for your protest as they make us complicit in ecocide. Something like ‘paying a gas bill’ whilst stepping into the showers at Auschwitz.

Because I’m all about trying to encourage/force change legally and nonviolently, I’m into pushing the Amend to Move agenda in the electoral arena, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT… the effort — to justify the heartbeats required* — IT’S GOTTA FOLLOW A FRESH PARADIGM. See me for elaboration, please.

*Back in the 80s when I interviewed Francis Ford Coppola on the closed set of Peggy Sue Got Married for a Sonoma County publication, I asked him what was most important for directors. His response was “A director has to learn to husband resources.” That’s true for all of us. And for activists during these draining days, at these times — when well-intentioned citizen souls are depleted from left and right daily midst a burnout epidemic of historic proportions — we cannot keep pursuing obsolete forms of protest. Not as our primary or exclusive means. That would be to go for broke with the doughnut hole as one’s goal.

Do NOT be moved by the dictates of habit. Habit is the great deadener as per Godot. In the realm where we wait… and nothing happens.

The late Howard Zinn, who gave his imprimatur for the singular proposal of action which I am recommending these days, used to eat lots of doughnuts. And one day he told me, “I know that these doughnuts are not the healthiest thing in the world, Rich, but I just love ‘em so much.” Fine and dandy for Howard, he wasn’t hurting anyone else, and I pray that he’s enjoying powdered and glazed numbers wherever he may be lodging these days, God bless ‘em. BUT BUT BUT this biz of putting so many eggs in a basket with a hole in it the size of a dozen doughnuts cannot be tolerated. For the Move to Amend effort — as it is presently configured — stands to doom the world. Doom us as sure as a toxic doughnut hole would, taking us down into an empty realm, putting us all exactly where the powers that be want us, digesting nothing that will nurture what is dearest to our hearts. Collecting signatures, feeling good about ourselves.

Petitioning people who have doughnut holes for souls? [Pause.] There is another way — a far better way — to accomplish what Move to Amend says it wants to achieve. And it should be highly instructive to one and all that no one involved in collecting signatures and taking part in MtA meetings to date has made the time to discuss my outrageous suggestion.

Do not move any further without contacting me at, please.


If I don’t hear from any Move to Amend ‘Doughnuts’ soon, I’ll be going to Graceland. Where there’s no confusion about what’s… empty… and in bad taste.