Lenz Lens Focus on Walk Talk Words

THIS IS UNEDITED. SEE THE NOTES PROVIDED ON THE PREVIOUS POSTS BEFORE READING THIS. I will tweak this within the next 24 hours. It is now 11am PST, Friday, the 9th of March, 2012. The focus here should, ideally, draw in all readers, regardless of what particular issues are dearest to their hearts. Blessings in solidarity. UPDATE: It is now the early morning of March 10th, and with what I’ve done this A.M. the title of my piece is no longer appropriate. No matter, for now. For now… just get the thrust… and act in solidarity with me…. Even if it’s minimally….

Lenz Lens Focus on Walk Talk Words
by Ox

Walk talk is something other than marching in circles with placards, or writing to representatives, or collecting petitions as a primary or exclusive means for bringing about change. Obsolete models, they are, unquestionably incapable of dealing adequately with the issues Gary Lenz focuses on in his video (below), and clearly incompetent for addressing the Big Picture. Walk talk follows a fresh paradigm.

It is Chicken Little Time. Legit Chicken Little Time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84zIj_EdQdM&feature=youtu.be is beyond words. [Pause.] And it’s not just about oil, not only about Canada, not exclusively concerned with the obvious issues touched upon in Gary’s presentation.

It’s the early morning of March 10th… and I’ve decided to transfer what I wrote yesterday to my drafts, to be posted — perhaps — at another time. For now, I ask you to think about the thrust of the video above and to couple those thoughts with the FACT that our usual approaches to bringing out change — as per http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/03/07/how-lobbyists-run-washington/ — will not work. Neither will traditional approaches to violence. Neither will anarchy. Neither will doing good work in little corners. Neither will quietist activity of any kind here or there. And so on. [Pause.] And so on.

I can help, I believe, however, if you take the trouble to contact me at aptosnews@gmail.com SOON.
Blessings, Richard P.S. The Lenz video is partly about the New Canada and the New U.S., as Arundhati’s stunning video is about the New India+. Richard Wilcox’s report is about the New Japan. [Pause.] I would love to teach the New History… the New Current Events… the New Form of Protest… so that we can have a shot at having a New Day. Neither ZNet nor Counterpunch (where I secured the video links provided here) are encouraging a New Paradigm for Protest, a New Paradigm for Bringing About Change. Not enough. I do have a contribution for a New World. But I cannot do much without you. Not enough.


For me it’s about whether or not our Marcello will have a life worth living for… down the road… shortly. Whether anyone will.

I will work 24×8 to make an honest effort to counteract the powers that be who work 24×7 against our collective interests. I would, if necessary, leave my Marcello for a very long time, if not forever — as heartbreaking as that would be — to do battle following a fresh paradigm. [I will be honored to elaborate on that model upon request.]

I hesitate mentioning loved ones in a piece like this ’cause if my efforts gain momentum the unconscionable powers-that-be are not above — I should say below — murdering off what motivates the likes of me. [Pause.] For obvious reasons. The thing is, in my case it wouldn’t work, such horror. [Pause.] And there is a benefit to citing real examples.

In fact, well-intentioned, engaged citizens don’t really have to go to such lengths, spending such heartbeats futilely, setting themselves up for yet another disappointment, draining the last ounce of energy that might be left for future efforts. One look at
http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/03/07/how-lobbyists-run-washington/ should remind one and all of all the ammunition the powers-that-be wield when it comes to realizing their agenda effortlessly. In the U.S., and elsewhere. The endgame scenario is a foregone conclusion if one is going to go about pushing for change in the usual ways.

I recommend that activists glance at my Doughnut Move in the context of the above paragraphs. It should clarify WHY all obsolete/current models for action must take a back seat, must be supplementary to our primary actions. And if that doesn’t achieve the intended effect, that’s what our discussion should focus on.

Whatever, we must have some discussion… yesterday.

This is about much more than tar all over your babies. It’s about viscous material in our souls… allowing things to get this far.

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