For Three California high school students, Anai Rosales (18), Veronica Mandujano (18), and Kayla Ely (17) and More

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS WAS RUSHED OUT ON THIS SUNDAY MORNING. THIS IS TOTALLY UNEDITED; I WILL TRY TO TWEAK IT LATER TODAY. This is an archived site. The articles which I post periodically are always meant for specific audiences, written for particular purposes. Not knowing context can be very puzzling, off-putting. I recommend that people only read what is intended for them. This piece was put together primarily for members of the San Leandro High School Social Justice Program and their loved ones and associates. My academic and general and family background can be reviewed in the “About Us” section of this site. The only music here that should be taken in on first reading are the cuts from Leon Russell and Etta James; they provide a consistent theme as bookends, the other selections (which I may or may not retain) merely functioning to get me through the writing, waking me up. 11AM UPDATE: For what it’s worth, I’d like readers to consider how instructive it is that two hours after reaching out to those connected with the hunger strike — journalists, educators et al. — I’ve received no response yet. Please note that in order to effectively deal with those who are operating 24×7 against your interests, someone will have to be working 24×8… nurturing and encouraging interested parties, moving everything along more expeditiously. Very important point, this…. SEE ‘UPDATES’ at the bottom of the adjacent post O Bailan Todos O No Baile Nadie for info regarding contact made.

For Three California high school students, Anai Rosales (18), Veronica Mandujano (18), and Kayla Ely (17) and More
To address our real challenges… which are apathy, resignation, ignorance, self-serving cynicism and atomization among the general population
by Bueyhombre in prep for the hard rain that’s already falling….

“Those hunger strikers need to band together with others for much more than just saving classes and teachers, yes, Papi?” — the author’s twelve-year-old home schooled son

My only information about the HUNGER STRIKE comes from–students-hunger-strike- to-protest-budget-cuts-by-commondreams-org, and I haven’t even done that article justice, rushing through it as I have this morning. No matter. I have a plan for action which can be implemented immediately… which will get the students off of the hunger strike and into a realm where they will actually be able to realize their goals… as I understand them.

Regarding “as I understand them”: PLEASE — someone — contact me IMMEDIATELY… so that I can be brought up to speed DIRECTLY by someone intmately connected with what’s going on. So that my recommendations, my thoughts can be fully informed, not coming from a place of ignorance.

The plan for action which I want to delineate for one and all carries the imprimaturs of the late Howard Zinn and a host of high profile figures worldwide; it is not something that burst forth from my brain alone this morning. In fact, I have been working on the whole shebang for a number of years. And if it had been embraced prior to this moment — say, prior to the 2010 gubernatorial election — no one would be on bended knee or with empty stomach begging for the powers that be to do the right thing. Rather, Anai, Veronica, Kayla and other like-minded souls would be more in control of their own destinies. They would, in fact, have secured significant reins of power within California… so that THEY were calling the shots.

Even the most well-educated, well-intentioned and deeply experienced concerned citizens who I know — and I know MANY — do not have a clue as to what a Governor of California can do UNILATERALLY. Without initiatives, and without the traditional cooperation of legislators. And it’s on that note that I want my conversation with Anai, Veronic and Kayla and their loved ones and concerned community members to begin. For while I am all for the various initiatives being employed (to some degree), what is currently being embraced as means to protest and means to bring about change MUST BE SUPPLEMENTED BY SOMETHING ELSE. And that “something else” is what I have to offer. It is legal and nonviolent, and it will provide a singular educational experience for one and all, not just the students.

The obsolete models for action which we are used to cannot be used as one’s primary or exclusive means for changing the status quo. No. PLEASE… PLEASE… honor my request for a rendezvous, for deep dialogue concerning the above. As soon as possible.

I hate to tell you this, but contrary to common misconception, hunger strikes — though, do not get me wrong, which I applaud and support at times — are — at present — right up the alley, as they say, of the powers that be. And that includes the alley of Governor Jerry Brown. Would include that path on the part of any careerist governor sitting in the Sacred Seat of Sacramento. As things stand. For as things stand, marching in circles with placards, pleading with careerists via phone calls, emails and hunger strikes, passing around petitions and the like are ALL in need of supplementary action which follows a fresh paradigm. Without that those in positions of power simply cop the plea that you can rest assure that they’ll do the right thing… if only they can… if only you do such and such… if only things work out this way or that way, and so on… ad infinitum.

Well, I have news for everyone. There is a golden window of opportunity staring us all in the face. And it only demands that we not proceed at an arthritic snail’s pace. It only asks that we move in solidarity along new lines, not being stuck — as activists — in what the great Samuel Beckett called habit in Waiting for Godot. Habit, he said, is the great deadener.

And he was spot on. [Pause.] Don’t wait… with obsolete routines.

Blessings in solidarity with great expectations,
Your Ox (Ricardo)
P.S. Just don’t expect me to sound bite what I’ve worked at 24×8 for years. Telegraphic communication — so very popular today — won’t work here. I am fully prepared to give unconditionally, BUT… I do want to have leisurely exchanges — with full-on Q&A — with all concerned. Legit plans for actions cannot be rushed… like this article. I am not attached to my particular plan for action. That said, I see zero else on the horizon. It’s in that spirit that I approach you… respectfully. Be prepared for all kinds of music to be incorporated with the plan for action… with masks, with comedy, with dance… with great joy. Joy, not suffering. A new paradigm.

HOMEWORK?: Check out, heartbeats permitting. See how long it takes you to connect with Professor Acuna; we should discuss that in the context of what I will be proposing.