Dedicated to Wilde Qwatsinas

NOTE: This is an archived site. Pieces are written for particular purposes, for specific audiences at a given time. Not knowing context can make for puzzling reading, an off-putting experience. Please do not read what is not recommended directly to you. This was written on the 29th of March, mostly for people connected with Franklin Lopez’s film. Forgive my omission of the accent in your name, Franklin. I trust that I will not lose the people at TransAfrica Forum prematurely with the rap below. I pray that they will bear with me, giving me a shot at turning their heads around with direct phone contact. I can be reached at; then I can provide a telephone number. Again this is barely a first draft; certainly it is NOT EDITED.

“Activists need to use the ‘pin tactic’ from chess. That’s a tactic by which attacking one piece, you indirectly attack a piece behind it. That makes the second piece vulnerable to capture if your opponent moves the first piece under attack (the pinned piece) out of the way. A pin is only valuable if the piece being indirectly attacked (the piece behind) is the king or a more valuable piece than the piece being pinned. TOSCA is not politics as we understand it. It’s a kind of ‘pin politics’.”
— the author’s home schooled son’s teenage friend (who understands the thrust of TOSCA and activism)

Dedicated to Wilde Qwatsinas
by Ox

We’ll get to wild Wilde a little later.

I never knew Qwatsinas. Qwatsinas? Qwatsinas of No matter, none of us as individuals count for much in the context of what I will be addressing here. [Pause.] Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of Oscar Wilde as anyone — with all of his underscoring of how important it is to score big when it comes to celebrating one’s own singularity in the arts or otherwise — BUT… the deadlines which concern

Franklin Lopez
Derrick Jensen
Stig Inge Oy
Omar Torres
CJ Boyd
Test Their Logik
Alex Balchie
Pussy Krew
Dawn Paley
Clay Miller
John Yates
The people at PM Press
Pivotal Productions
Vivo Media Arts
John Hamilton
Hank Testor
Carlos Melendres
Christian Labrecque
Dr. Steven Best
Peter Gelderloos
James Kunstler
Gord Hill
Aric McBay, Harjap Grewal et alia.

preclude being preoccupied with… The Personal Joyous… of the typical western variety. [Pause.] Now. [Pause.] At least for a few grand heartbeats today… and the days to come, starting today and tomorrow. And probably for such a long time to come that what was so dear to Oscar’s heart on the stage and in his bedroom will have to be tweaked until that Chess Player Extraordinaire in Black from The Seventh Seal comes to call.

And speaking of chess, perhaps it’s time to go over the chess analogy I’m always citing, adding a few new touches. You see, if you see that Franklin Lopez video the anarchism called for, the independent spirit in touch with Mother Earth screaming to the skies may or may not lose you prematurely. I don’t want that to happen, if it can be avoided. For it’s not enough that the long list I began above can be multiplied by 1000s across the country and the world. Even though we don’t need a majority to get started, we do want to plant some seeds elsewhere if we can whilst we try to work our magic in our little corners. BECAUSE no matter how well-intentioned, spot on, experienced, educated, and in touch our cadres are at present, we’re all dwelling in little activist corners*, and very much in need of spreading out — number wise, albeit a modest bit — so that we can embrace some fresh paradigm of action on a macroscopic level. So that we can secure significant reins of power with that added support. In the face of a great threat of violence directed at us from quarters other than the usual suspects, law enforcement’s potential degree of horror notwithstanding.

*I should use the word realms in lieu of corners, for activists in “corners” would be accessible for deep grassroots exchanges routinely. They are not. Little, works, however.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, of us, of what we have to do. I was talking about chess, as I remember.

We do not want to replace white rooks with red ones, or black bishops with green pieces. Rather, we want to upend the toxic, angled game board, yes? [Pause.] A very sweet thought. A chance to start over. The thing is there’s a timer involved, y’know that gizmo the players in pro matches are always slamming down once they’ve made their move. We have deadlines. We can’t take forever, or even close to it. The fifty years that Coronado refers to in Franklin’s video, no one will ever live to see that day (when that number of species gets what’s slated). Not in a world that’s been worth living in for any length of time at that juncture. Hell, we don’t even have six years more… which is what some local Lake County activist seemed to be counting on in a local radio show call-in I received recently. The point? We are moving at an arthritic snail’s pace, and we have to step it up. And do so without using a megaphone to telegraph our next moves… so gladly provided always by the World Chess Federation authorities.

One does NOT step it up by making more films. Not if the production is done in lieu of fresh action. Not courtesy of any of the obsolete forms of protest delineated at the very end of TORTURED TOSCA TALK, or pictured in Franklin’s film. Not if such models of action are embraced as the primary or exclusive means for bringing about traumatic, radical change in this world. One may have to get arrested. One may have to have one’s head bashed in, BUT that cannot be where one’s principal effort lies.

Oh yes, back to chess un minuto, por favor. Everyone knows about the Endgame, yes? That’s the last phase of the chess game where there is so little remaining. Because there are so few pieces mating threats are less feared. That should be instructive. And — you should not forget — pawn promotions occur more frequently in the endgame. Think about that deeply. The thing is, though, when a king is in a corner, it is also easier to be careless and accidentally stalemate your opponent. Too many activists would be too satisfied to stalemate the powers that be; we are unquestionably obliged, however, to checkmate. And ever since I was with Paul Robeson in Peekskill as a seven-year-old, that’s meant… inflicting death.

It’s a no brainer that attempts at reforming are — to put it mildly — too mild, that they’re orchestrated by the authorities to not let things get out of hand, to placate now and then. It’s also a no brainer that throughout history violence has helped virtually all significant inroads that have been made (which weren’t eventually rolled back) worldwide.

So it all begs the question. Where do we go from here? [I do have a suggestion... which I'd be thrilled to share and discuss, along with alternatives, in person... in confidence... at your earliest possible convenience. I mean, 'yesterday'.]

I am, for one, dedicated to the thrust of what Qwatsinas was all about, what I am guessing he was all about. And I’m guessing that he was — to a large degree — about not wanting to have his Mother Earth raped any more than Oscar Wilde would tolerate watching his mum violated repeatedly in front of his very cultured eyes.

Psst. Let’s make this the last time that anyone posts the names of precious souls like the ones listed above, okay? Does that make sense? Does the above? [Pause.] Let’s do The Above and Beyond Dance.

O bailan todos o no baile nadie.