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Mississippi Missing the Riverboat?

The good people of Mississippi need to secure significant reins of power.

Diatribe Directed to Denizens of Detroit and Drexel

Diatribe in lieu of discussion for the moment.

On First Looking Into Feierstein’s Planet Ponzi

Jefferson from another angle… with eagle eyes.

California & The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act

It would be wise to move in solidarity in general at this juncture… with music.

Hoarse Democracy

We must sneak into The Barn.

Moving Waters Run Deep

I say we run with Mel for the Quiet, Moving Truth.

White Rose Alphabet Scoop

Dedicated to the spirit of the guillotined Scholls and their martyred friends.

Obviously, Not 99%

I can provide the necessary shock. But — first — you must acknowledge with me what the 99% is obviously not.

Sound Bite Bio

In the midst of my very heavy activism, I deeply honor the notion of art for art’s sake. In trying to upend the game board on which the powers that be are playing their horrific roles, I never forget that — ultimately — I am playing a game of sorts myself, that pure play is oh so important in the Heaven on earth of mine.

If Fellini and Moravia Had a Child….

Bad Italian being used for a good purpose….