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Italy Isn’t The Only Place….

Why can’t I do that?

Alternative Dates — May 30th

May 30th entries respecting historical dates at HISTORY 4 2DAY include one on Biafra… and one on Christopher Marlowe. Both involve betrayal; a subject of concern in my recent article “Too Proud to Run.” One wonders what Amerika’s response would have been to Biafra –black skins and oil interests (+) notwithstanding– if the religious [...]

Alternative Dates — May 27th

As noted in yesterday’s writings, it’s the birthday of Death on the Installment Plan Celine. Ditto for (1878) Duncan, Isadora… with what might be an interesting 2002 essay, “Isadora Duncan and the Politics of Modern Dance“, courtesy of Ann Daly of *Centre National de la Danse*. Ditto for Dashiell (Hammett)… partner of Lillian [...]

Alternative Dates — May 26th

For those of you who are *story-eyed* and have been asking about a summer reading list, without knowing your taste…please note:
On this date in 1822…Edmond de Goncourt is born. See Wikipedia for a rundown of the annual Prix Goncourt for fiction. Although Proust and Celine were passed up *at interesting times* (which are [...]

Alternative Dates — May 25th

May 25, 1960, Jay Warner, six-time Grammy-winning music publisher, tells me that “while hanging out at Stuart Sutciffe’s apartment, John Lennon and Sutcliffe thought of a new name for their group from a line in a Marlon Brando-Lee Marvin film, *The Wild One*.” Marvin, talking to Brando, said: “We all missed you.” Then, pointing to [...]

Alternative Dates — May 24th

May 24, 1856 - This is the date of the Pottawatomie Massacre. Folks interested in the John Brown I’m always tooting a horn for…and his impact…can start with Pottawatomie Massacre to get a general early hit on it all. Please note that W.E.B. Du Bois has a Brown bio out in a (New [...]

Alternative Dates — May 23rd

May 23rd, 1934 - Noam Chomsky has a schoolyard encounter in the first grade, which spurs him onto a lifelong commitment…championing the underdog. Seeing a boy being taunted because of his weight, young Chomps started to intervene. However, when he saw that the rolled up articles with which he battled the bully were [...]

Alternative Dates — May 20th

1990…Paul Abdul has a hit with “Opposites Attract.” Don’t you read the news?
1899… Jacob German of New York City is hit with a ticket as the first driver ever arrested for speeding. His taxicab exceeded the 12 mph speed limit on Lexington Avenue.
‘46…the birth of “Moonstruck” Cher (LaPiere)*…who dies (botoxed) in “Stuck on You” [...]

Alternative Dates — May 19th

**War Cries**
May 19th is a kind of Who’s Who of *Troublemakers*…by certain standards.
Imagine the party time with Napoleon, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Malcolm X and Joey Ramone all present…to blow away the candles! Oh yes, and Peter “Who” Townshend, alleged Internet Child Netter, could play the “Happy Birthday” tune ’cause it’s his day [...]

Alternative Dates — May 18th

Alistair Horne of Time Out tells me that for a whole week in 1871 French Communards were driven across Paris by government troops at this time, the beginning of *la semaine sanglante* (bloody week). Eastward, burning the city as they retreated. Then, facing overwhelming forces, they dug in at Cimetiere Pere Lachaise –between imposing bourgeois [...]