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Pure Euroland: Map Italy+?

Pure you, pure land.

United States University: An Invitation

For Europeans… and those who have contact with Europeans. And for others too.

A Test of Something

What do you know?

The Life You Save….

We are obliged not to bury the living dead prematurely.

Beggar’s Tune: Thankless Shawshank, Anyone?

Even if you’re in pain and have no legs.

Murder Urgency Invitation Laughter

“…quite simply a call for those who understand the need for a new paradigm in protest and who feel a great sense of urgency (already) about the issues of our day.”


Enough is enough.

Congo Conga Line in Very Black Waters

Congo: The Hidden Toll of the World’s Deadliest War?

Nonesense and Sensibility: Exquisitely Delicate Deep(ly) Down(ed) Things

Dedicated to Elizabeth, Scott and Mitchell….

For Those Who Want to Love Poetry: Philistines Need Not Apply

“But he could not stand stupid people, especially those who are made stupid by education….” — Wilde in De Profundis