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None of Your Beeswax

I am leaving the toxic hive.

Art ‘n Me ‘n MVSL

Getting ready for what’s real.

Kill Jackie Kennedy Onassis Templesman and Madeline Albright’s Former Lover

No, all people do NOT demand sympathy.

Silicon Valley’s Dirty Secret?: Bombing Somalia and Oprah’s Beast Palo Alto

“…all dark people who are a problem disappear….”

The Black ‘N Blue Party: H.R. 14

I write here to strongly endorse H.R. 14, the Congressional Integrity and Pension Forfeiture Act of 2007.

Don’t Put The Carter Before The Horsecrap

I don’t see The Peanut Farmer on his knees begging forgiveness. Do you? Did I miss something?

Will Someone Bash In Alexander Cockburn’s Head Metaphorically?: Geraldo Ford as Worse Than Hussein, Counterpunch as No Better Than The New York Times

Sometimes metaphors work. Sometimes they don’t.

We Bid a Happy Adieu to Alexander Cockburn: We Are The Worst!

By the butts he kisses shall we know him.

Sean, They’re Not Cowed Upstairs

Original Title: ROSEBUSH Now Playing

Snow Widows Piqued

Too many activists are going down that road, climbing that mountain.