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Drawn from Drew/Overdue, Not Withdrawn

I may add questions, time permitting; I have lots.

Where There Used To Be In Crowd Rain….

With Dinah, Tony Williams, Etta et alia

Courting Kathy & Her Kind Colleagues’ Court

Now is the time to find out where the decision-makers at Gideon’s Promise stand.

Teens Respond to GIDEON’S ARMY

I’ll add more as time permits.

Ringing Bell

Bouncing off of Emily, Ranier and the Waterboys’ beatitude.

Less Moore at the Moment

We must believe that who we think we are at this moment can be different.

Off My Rocker

We’re not here to sit on our rockers… unless forced to do so.

Meola Matrix

An “in crowd” at this juncture has zero to do with being a vanguard….


Having come from Stanford University’s incompetent realm yesterday….

Apollonian Ox on The Sunny Troxell Trolley

On the Sun which wants to put its arms around everyone.