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More Than Eight Minutes, 24 Hours a Day, for Nine Years

Dedicated to Karen and Jerry’s work as per “Eternal Harvest: The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos” and ending war in the lifetime of my youngest.

Peirce Pierce Peace Party

No justice, no peace, of course.

Ruby Dee & Me and My Arrow’s Point

Every arrow has a point.

That’s What Soul Means

The meaning of soul.

Sexy Comedian Plays Jazz Near Garden

The What, Why and HOW for gardeners.

Cortez: “get the power to control our own lives”

There it is.

A Sea Change for Compton, the Country….

Begging someone from Compton to come forth….

Hip-Hop House Trip or Top

“First floor?”

Questions for Poisoned One and All

I asked additional questions too.

“memores acti prudentes futuri”

My hope is that I can blend Professor Mayer and his counterparts with Aiden & Co. of the previous post.