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The Pomona Project

What happens when you blend Bryan Ferry and Leon Russell and Politics?


An enormously important article at this juncture… bouncing off of Alinsky.

Daisy Dispatch & Lyrical Caldicott Call

Keep your head down for now, cut the light… just till we get out of town….

Maroon White Me at Morehouse’s Music Party

I know that I can bring light to a very dark fact.

In Our Place to Hide and Burn

The sacred space we make. Love has no end.

The TOGA Party

I don’t have any reservations about what togas might stir up.

Premature Rejection, Premature Ejaculation

On the orgasm of activism, etc.

Banging on the Beer of Beloved Texans

To have a quiet moment banging on the ear.

For James Baldwin and Kathleen Wells and You

Let’s blend Nina Simone with the Dubliners and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Green Illusions, Left Confusions, My Infusions

I would swim over the deepest ocean….